Help Little Red Chair get to Brighton Fringe

Help Little Red Chair get to Brighton Fringe

Little Red Chair Theatre Company's DEBUT at Brighton Fringe! Help us raise awareness about sex abuse through the art of live theatre!

We did it!

On 27th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £752 with 25 supporters in 56 days

More about the play...

This hard-hitting play explores the taboo themes of sex abuse and paedophilia. With scenes of distress the plays switches from tear-jerking sadness to heart warming moments of true friendship. Set in a whirlwind of distorted memories this play is designed to shock. Through shocking material, based on factual events I hope to raise awareness of sex abuse.  

I will use your money to...

  • Rent a rehearsal space for a week.
  • Rent a fantastic venue at Brighton Fringe.
  • Create a fantastic set.
  • Distrubute high quality posters and flyers. 

More about our company... I founded the company in Summer 2015. The company's name is very special to me; when I was little I struggled at school, and when feeling anxious and overwhelmed I would act out. The school introduced a system where I would be placed on - you guessed it - a little red chair for two minutes. I am so proud of how far I have come since that chapter in my life. I wanted my passion to stem from what I have overcome to remind me how much I have grown and developed and shall, hopefully, continue to do so.   

More about me... I have trained in performing arts for the past four years. Since graduating in August I decided it was time to kickstart my career. It would be so wonderful of you to pledge money to this project and help me on my quest to raise awareness of the never-ending battle we have against sexual predators.  

Thank you, 

Molly Bater 

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