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Loxwood FC Ground Development

by Matt Kiley in Loxwood, England, United Kingdom

Loxwood FC Ground Development


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Loxwood are looking to improve the ground facilities at the Recreation Ground. Which have become updated and dangerous

by Matt Kiley in Loxwood, England, United Kingdom

Loxwood FC are an FC Charter Football club that has been running since 1920. 

Our Core Principles

The progression of the club has been based on some core principles and practices, not necessarily found in many local football clubs, but essential for the long term viability of Loxwood FC, given its village location.

Keeping it local

Whilst there is a need to extend the reach for players beyond the local villages, as the club progresses, it has also ensured that at all levels and ages offered by the club, there is an opportunity for every single local footballer to play and engage with Loxwood Football Club. This engagement also extends to the club's committee, football management team and coaches, the vast majority being based in Loxwood or its surrounding village community. The club enjoys fantastic loyalty from all its members.

A supportive and inclusive culture with competent people

We are a local club, but we are also very committed to attracting the right sort of characters to the club (players, managers, coaches and committee) who will ensure the club upholds our commitment to good etiquette and manners, a supportive environment, quality facilities and a philosophy built on trust and openness. This does not mean that we are not competitive; indeed our recent history suggests that we are particularly competitive, but we like to conduct ourselves in the right way. In 2 of our first 3 seasons in the Southern Combination League (then know as the Sussex County League), apart from being champions of division 3, we were also awarded the sportsmanship cup, awarded to only one team from all 3 of the league's divisions.

Investing in club facilities

By providing a high standard of facilities and services, we are able to attract and keep good people engaged across all areas of the clubs administrators, service providers, management and players.

Ensuring sustainability

Although the club has come a long way, it has done so with a clear focus on ensuring sustainability. Unlike many other boom, bust local football clubs, nothing has been achieved with a short term perspective in mind. All committee decisions and investments have been made with the long term sustainability of the club in mind.

Our Strategy

In 2006 a plan was written that would see the club progress, both on and off the field, establishing itself as a credible, viable and sustainable football club with its first team competing in at Step 5 of the National Football Pyramid. Against the odds, the first part of this journey was completed at the end of the 2013/14 season,  with the first team achieving promotion to the league's Premier Division.

Future sustainability

Our challenge now is to ensure we stay there over the long term, as a commitment to our local footballing community. This is where we now focus ourselves and this is where we need help.

We have identified a number of key areas that we need to achieve if we are going to ensure sustainability and these are categorised as follows:

Maintaining, and building upon the already high standard of our ground infrastructure and which are required to compete at Step 5 of the FA pyramid. Whatever we can raise, the FA, through its grant system, will match;

  • Continually seek to improve the playing surface for the first team pitch;
  • Improve the training pitch for adult and junior team development;
  • A community integration programme to support participation and player development;
  • Development of our club, the skills of the officers and coaching team and general governance;
  • Player support and services (eg mini bus transport to away games or to fund a part time club physio);
  • Operating cost support to help the smooth running of the club through sponsorship.

Loxwood FC are looking to raise money to upgrade their ground facilities. This includes a new toilet in the ground. Replacing outdated and dangerous Pitch perimeter fencing and dug outs

Let's make 'Loxwood FC Ground Development' happen

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