Project Loving Staffordshire

by Thomas A Cliffe in Newcastle, England, United Kingdom

Project Loving Staffordshire
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Help us to boost our tourism project aimed to encourage more visitors to visit the county and beyond by creating new memories.

by Thomas A Cliffe in Newcastle, England, United Kingdom

It all began in May 2018, inspired by blogs on Instagram, sharing their holiday destinations. I came up with Loving Staffordshire, because of the Love I have for this wonderful county, the people and it’s many wonderful places to visit. I first started my own Instagram, sharing pictures from where I had visited including restaurants, cafes and events within the local area. All the places I have visited, I have always paid for apart from when we contacted theatres such as ATG Tickets in which we are now gifted tickets to write reviews from touring West End productions. I then recruited two other volunteers to help out with our social media on Instagram and Twitter. Both social media platforms have a wide audience and fair amount of followers. I took it to the next stage when I then opened up a website to create more reviews and blog posts on (again all paid for by myself) this is a 12month contract with a website builder platform. In total I have spent around £125 on marketing tools to help boost our website and platforms. 

The next level is to go higher, to be able to have business cards, flyers, merchandise for events and to pay for sponsorship/advertising through digital marketing. The higher we go, the more we will be recognised. 

We came up with a hashtag #LovingStaffs for everyone to use whilst they visit the county and to tell us what they love most about Staffordshire. We believe that this will help to boost the economy and tourism. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Advertising on our website for 1 month plus you will be seen on our Twitter & Instagram posts to help boost your event, product or business.

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