Love Nightlife Hardship Fund

by Hub Studios + in London, England, United Kingdom

Love Nightlife Hardship Fund


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Raising emergency cash for freelancers in UK Nightlife; support artists, DJs, performers, engineers, designers, door hosts #lovenightlife

by Hub Studios + in London, England, United Kingdom


...If you love music...

...If you love dancing...

...If you love raving...

This is your community, and we need your help!!

We are asking all the ravers, music fans, festival goers, weekend warriors, disco divas, wealthy businesses, celebrity endorsers, social media influencers & headline acts from every corner of the music industry to donate to the Love Nightlife Hardship Fund!! 

Help UK Nightlife freelance workers get through the next few months; choose a DJ Lesson REWARD, or DONATE for future RELOAAADS at your post covid rave up!!

Share on insta + facebook too with the hashtag #lovenightlife


Why are we fundraising for freelancers in UK Nightlife?


UK Nightlife is the BACKBONE of the music industry.

We provide your weekend soundtrack & most workers rely on weekly gig payments.

Many in UK Nightlife don't qualify for Universal Credit or cannot access enough government financial aid to cover essential items. This is disproportionally affecting those in UK Nightlife who are already marginalised and those with unstable housing in our communities.

The freelance UK nightlife community are now struggling to pay for food, medicine, phone / internet and utility bills. Yet the biggest worry we have is making rental payments.

Our goal is to raise £50,000. This will be split across many areas, but especially for those less visible in UK Nightlife eg. local DJs, MCs, radio producers, sound engineers, recording studios, all performers, cleaners, door hosts, event organisers, designers, photographers, bar backs, backline, techs, door staff and security; most lost 100% of their income overnight.

We are hub studios and; serving Clubs, Collectives + Creators across the UK, from touring artists to sweaty basement raves.

Our goal is to give each recipient enough to cover essentials such as a fresh food shop / phone & internet bills / medicine / transport costs for three months.

Applications for recipients of the fund will go live at the end of fundraising

If you are in a financially comfortable position during this crisis; now is the time to step forward and donate as much as you can. Every penny counts.

Check out the donation rewards + iconic "I HEART" artwork we want this campaign to spread far and wide so please donate + share share share on instagram, facebook and tell your pals!

A HUGE thank you from team #lovenightlife <3

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