Bring Loki, the Moroccan street dog, to the UK

by Cadi Lambert in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Bring Loki, the Moroccan street dog, to the UK
We did it
On 19th October 2021 we successfully raised £1,170 with 51 supporters in 28 days

I lost my heart to a dog in Essaouira and now Please help me to bring her to a safe and happy life with me in England.

by Cadi Lambert in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

In September 2021 I went for a run along a beach in Essaouira, Morocco. Little did I know that a little brown dog was waiting on the beach to steal my heart!

Loki (yes, I’ve given her a name) approached me barking and at first I was worried that the little stray was being aggressive. I quickly realised she was just being cheeky and wanted to play.

I stopped to stroke her and she immediately put her head against my leg and asked for a head rub.


When I tried to leave she simply broke into a trot and ran alongside me. Even when I lost her briefly, when some other strays approached her, she made the effort to catch up and join me.

It was tough to leave her on that beach. But, surprise, surprise, when I went back later that morning she was there, waiting to lie and sunbathe with me.


Loki did not beg me for food. She was gentle and kind. She had sores on her back leg and clearly was struggling with fleas or lice. All she wanted was safety and company.

As I walked away again that day a little bit of me stayed on the beach with her.

I’ve seen many stray animals in many countries. They are always hard to walk past. But Loki was different. She chose to be with me. And I had to do something to give her the security she deserves.

So, here we are, on Crowdfunder! Loki will need to be cared for in the months before she can come to the UK (it takes at least four months). She will need vaccinating, sterilising and quarantine. Added to that are the costs of travel. The total cost is unknown (and could come to more than this target) until we reach different stages of the process but the money raised here will help massively. 

As one of the rescuers said ‘it is the cost of a purebred dog’. I think she’s worth that!

But, I’ve only recently set up my own business and although I can cover some costs, the full amount is beyond me. And that’s where I need your help to get Loki to a safe home.

I appreciate any small amount anyone can give to help with this. I will give regular updates on her progress. Ot could well cost more than my target but any surplus amount will go directly to the charity in Essaouira who is helping me to do all this. Once she gets here, I will be taking care of her day to day costs and vet bills. I just need to get her here first!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for any help!


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