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Our goal is to advocate relationships in the hope that they will lead to marriage.

by LoveHonourProtect in London, England, United Kingdom

Dear Friends and Life Changers

I would like to introduce LoveHonourProtect, a charitable foundation established in November 2019 by Nora Musungu in the DRC and now ready to be launched in the UK. We need your support to get our work started in Britain. 

LoveHonourProtect was founded to raise awareness of the legal side of a relationship. Encourage unmarried couples to draw up a cohabitation agreement, to stand up for their relationship, in the hope of leading to marriage and to help women rebuild their lives.

Given the increase in cohabitation in the DRC and the UK, the benefits of civil marriage are overlooked, and some couples do not go beyond the traditional wedding, which must be legally accompanied by a civil marriage. Without access to information on family law, many cohabiting couples have minimal understanding, leaving them defenceless.

Civil marriage or Cohabitation Agreement is not simply a piece of paper, it protects against uncertainty, prevents bigamy, outlines rights and obligations to each other and ensures family stability and financial stability in the event of a separation.

Given that the breakdown of a relationship is strongly linked to problems like poverty, mental health, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, it is essential to apply and enforce family law to adapt to current relationship status, culture and governance in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the UK.

I hope that one day, when we all unite, by promoting this endeavour, we can achieve a change from a person's life to an entire community or even a nation.

What, we've been doing so far in DR-Congo:

- We have operated a bridal wear rental service in DRC. The money raised through this service has helped toward the cost of maintaining the foundation.

- We grant grants to couples to cover the costs of the spouse registry.

- We offer marriage/relationship counselling

- We provide information about Family Laws and Regulations,  Cohabitation     Agreement and making a Will.

How can you help us?

By donating whatever you can, whether it's £2 or your wedding dress hidden in the back of your wardrobe, crying to see the light again, with the urge to make the best day of your life, someone else's dream comes true.

- Wedding dress donation (collection possible and postal address on request)

- Groom's Clothes (all sizes)

- Donate £2, £5, £10 or whatever you can

Your donation will have a significant impact on this social movement and will be appreciated not only by LoveHonourProtect, but also by the couples, widows and single parents.

Thank you for visiting and hope to see you soon!!

Nora Musungu

Let's make 'LoveHonourProtect' happen

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