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I Love Difference-The Cohesion Speed Dates

by Saima Afzal MBE in Blackburn, England, United Kingdom


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Enable diverse groups to break down barriers, love and value difference whilst embracing inclusion, through fun and meaningful interactions.

by Saima Afzal MBE in Blackburn, England, United Kingdom


We are committed to breaking down barriers that may exist between different communities. Too often we see divisions in society based on, for example, ethnic, racial, religious, sexual or gender identity lines. The team strive to create a legacy of loving difference.

In our day jobs, the SAS RIGHTS Directors all deal with the consequences of 'hate', and too often these manifest in violent and abusive forms. We recognise that if hate is left to foster then our interventions will always be too late to prevent harm from being done to individuals and society. We, therefore made a pact to always speak out against all forms of ‘hate’ and that we would seek to prevent discrimination and human rights denials by providing opportunities that allow diverse groups to embrace and value their differences through forming friendships. This approach does not mean we must all become the same, but we encourage people to express their identity in a manner that doesn't stifle the individuality of others.

Whilst our classroom-based learning, research, engagement and victim support work continues, we are moving into lived experiences that enable learning. We are daring and cutting edge in all we do and have never been afraid to tackle the taboo subjects. 

Please watch our short video that seeks to explain how we want to bring together willing participants to engage in a series of cohesion dates and activities that will allow them to form what we believe can be lasting friendships.

Through the community arm of our work, the team can diversify the work already being undertaken. We wish to target up to 200 individuals or 100 couples. We need approximately £500 per couple, so the more we raise the more couples we can target. Couples will keep video diaries of their lived experiences or will volunteer to be shadowed and filmed. The diaries and short films will be shared publicly to enable us to leave a lasting and positive legacy of how loving difference can result in cohesive societies and above all friendships to grow by breaking down the myths that can too often exist and serve to divide us. Those who don't wish to be filmed will come together at gatherings to share the learning they acquired from their interactions with someone from a different background to their own. At the end of the project, we will have a series of short films as well as a report that can be shared with our supporters and with anyone else who would like to replicate our idea.

Currently, the team provide a range of services and activities such as peer mentoring, community engagement aimed at confidence and resilience building, collaboration with like-minded organisations and the development of learning materials. Our work assists in informing and raises awareness of all matters relating to, safeguarding, human rights and valuing difference and inclusion in order to achieve our central aim, that being, to create more cohesive communities free of intolerance and discrimination.

Our community work is fun cutting edge and undertaken in a manner designed to engage, involve and invoke a desire to be part of the solution and not the problem. We will speak out when others may fear not to. We dare to do what others may not, please help us to be more daring.

The work of SAS and SAS RIGHTS CIC is aimed at addressing religio-cultural and belief-based conflicts; we do this through providing subject matter expert advice, peer review, academic research, leading seminars, cutting edge film and documentaries. Our work is funded primarily through self-funding however we would like to do more with your help.

To find out more about me as the Project Manager, and the work of the team, please see the links below:


Individually and collectively speak out to help create a more equal society that embraces difference and seeks to eradicate intolerance.


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