Love Dairy Free

Love Dairy Free

Our aim is to raise enough funds for Love Dairy Free, a small homemade, dairy-free cake business based in Devon.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

About Us:

Hello! My name is Cindy, Love Dairy Free's founder. 

I am a mum of one, hoping to start up this business after discovering my then daughter has a severe dairy allergy. Since discovering my daughter's allergy, we have adjusted our lives to fit around it. Most of our food now, is dairy free including any cakes and bakes I make for her. 


What are we hoping to achieve?

Crowdfunding is not only a fantastic way to raise funds but to raise awareness too. Not only will your pledges help to start-up Love Dairy Free, it will make people aware of our company and what we have to offer. 

What do we have to offer?

The dairy-free option to cakes and bakes! 

How can you help:

I need your help to start up Love Dairy Free and in return for your pledges you will recieve cake, specially delivered by myself within a 20 mile radius or a voucher posted by recorded delivery. 

You won't only be helping us to start-up though. By pledging, I will post a public thank you on our Facebook and Twitter pages to help spread the word.