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2 passionate people working from the heart to bring more love, healing, recovery, health and wellness to Wales on a grand scale.

by LOVE LIVE LIGHT - Healing Hub in Newport, Wales, United Kingdom

Hi lovely people :) 

We are Rico and Tessa. A passionate duo working from the heart to bring more love, healing, recovery, health and wellness to Wales on a grand scale. With the goal of making 'self care the new health care' and healing the new 'cool'.

Ever since the news of the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, we've been aware of the uncertainty in health and wellness that millions of people are currently facing. The increase in heartfelt issues of mental health, stress, anxiety, obesity, depression, the list goes on. We have experienced some of the above in silence, and we feel this huge awakening to now help people regain their power back. Our health and the health of our community is our top priority. This has forced us to go deep into research and self healing/ biohacking, connecting and partnering with over 200+ healthy food, drink, supplements companies and brands, which includes some of the world's most advanced alternative healing therapies and devices. All of what we have managed to source is now ours to share with all of you! The health and wellness equipment and healing devices we have already, which equals to well over £20,000 means absolutely nothing to us if we aren't able to share it to help improve the lives of others. The world needs more love, healing, spiritual well-being and unity now more than ever. With this, the 'LOVE LIVE LIGHT - Healing Hub' was born.

With the help of your contributions, the first LOVE LIVE LIGHT - Healing Hub will be situated in South Wales. We're not asking for something for nothing :) Your money invested will be exchanged for discounted Healing and Recovery treatments, to be redeemed as soon as we have raised enough money to open. Our Healing Hub will be an uplifting and welcoming environment offering a variety of alternative holistic, Ayurvedic and scientifically backed healing therapies, which are widely proven to be beneficial and used by millions of people in other countries across the world. 


These advanced health treatments which will be offered through our Healing Hub will include, Infrared Red light therapy, guided and state altering meditation devices, Pressotherapy Lymphatic massage machines, and last but not least a recovery room which will include self massage guns, rebounders, acupressure mats, inversion stools, yoga mats with yoga wheels, and cupping therapy etc. 


We will also have a heathy food and drink cafe/ bar serving snacks, energy bars, plus non alcoholic beverages. 


The aim is for people to be able to enter our social space to recharge, rejuvenate, restore and as we love to put it, 'FILL UP'. Nights out will be swapped for nights IN, with our Healing Hub turning into an evening Yoga Studio and community chill space for workshops and events on Breathwork, Sound and Energy Healing, Cold Therapy, plus so much more. 

Visit our website here ➜

So don't forget! Purchase your desired treatments below and you'll be able to redeem it as soon as our doors are open. All of our VIP supporters and backers will also receive a private and personal invite to the LOVE LIVE LIGHT - Healing Hub opening day. With treatments starting from as little as £10, we aim to make these alternative healing therapies affordable and accessible to everyone. The idea is for everybody to feel and be a part of something that's going to help and benefit so many people across the country and beyond. 

We have estimated that we will need to raise at least £20,000 to be able to successfully open and self-sustain the LOVE LIVE LIGHT - Healing Hub. The total amount raised will be used directly to source a suitable and large enough space for a long term lease on a premises, including all manual labour and furnishings, legalities, plus any other costs that may incur as we progress and move forward. With or without the full amount contributed, our aim is to open the Healing Hub ASAP. At the very latest by the end of this year. Thank you all so much in advance for every contribution, like and share! Please do help us spread the good word :)

We are excited at what the future will bring for healing, health and wellness within Wales through this holistic approach. We will be releasing weekly update videos of this entire journey with new episodes available on our YouTube, so don't forget to subscribe. What started as a dream is so close to becoming a reality with the help of all of you!

Follow our social networking accounts and explore our website to find out more about our healing and recovery treatments that will soon be available to all of Wales.

With love - Rico and Tessa xx

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