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Love Delite is aimed at the beverage market. It is a non alcoholic drink and comes in three flavors and supports a charity called C. T. Y

by Morakinyo Balogun in Royston, England, United Kingdom


Love Delite is a non alcoholic fruit beverage, which comes in three flavours to start with- orange, pineapple and apple. Most of the major brands do not have natural drinks and they are generally unhealthy for kids and adults alike [Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper e.t.c]. Furthermore, they are a bit too pricey for commoners. Love Delite is designed to be a game changer. 

Love Delite was conceived to have a global appeal using a simple and effective pricing model [ it is priced below major brands] and with an estimated global non alcoholic beverage market estimated at $410 Billion, there is room for all.


Reinventing the wheels

The drink is aimed at the global audience and as we all know, the COVID 19 pandemic has had a global impact with most of the top economies falling into recession. As a consequence disposable income has fallen and governments have stepped in to Furlough and bail out commercial interest.

To me, this is the best time to launch this new product, as less affluent people are inclined to choose cheaper alternatives due to the above. This refreshing drink provides essential vitamins like A, B, C and B-complex.

To pilot it out, it will be launched in a poor country with a large population, where disposable income is reasonable and affordability is not an issue.

My research has revealed a gap in this market with most drinks priced well above Love Delite, which creates a niche for us in the market. To capitalize, it has been conceived to be reasonably priced, well packaged, designed for recycling and it will be backed with aggressive advertising and marketing.

To undertake a venture of this nature is cash intensive to cover logistics, R & D, advertising, administration and so forth. This is where I need your support and pledges to raise over £10000 to help me actualize this dream.

Your pledge to this worthwhile cause will be most appreciated, as Tesco says "every little helps". In return l am offering some fantastic rewards for your pledges.


I firmly believe that you should repay a good turn with another and the returns for your pledges are just that.

 Star pledges of £1001 and above- for these, I am offering you the pledge back plus £350 to you in cash in three months. In addition, you can choose a child to be a pen pal and you get updates on their progress. 

Do make your pledges quickly, as some of them are limited. The above rewards and pledges are guaranteed to be returned to you in three months. 

A breathe of fresh air

We are living in a "new normal" and Love Delite is designed to be a game changer in terms of the nutrients consumed, pricing, packing plus. For this reason, it is healthy, affordable and is fully recyclable.

I have also attached a charity called "CATCH THEM YOUNG" to the project to give the kids a chance. Growing up, I was quite creative and used to draw concept cars and planes along with my talented cousin. My father stumbled upon them and was so impressed by them, that he sent the designs to Mercedes Benz, Ford and other major manufacturers. They thanked him and said they loved the designs but these were ahead of their time and they kept them. There was also a young man, who played footie with us and he could do everything from dribbling, scoring and he was as good as Maradona or Messi. Today he is a printer. 

Below are some of the kids from the charity-


Most people know Africa as a basket case but the story can be changed by tapping their God given talent, nurturing and polishing it. This way, they can be assets to their families and the world at large. 

 My Background and brief financials

I am an ACCA qualified accountant by training and experience. I got bored with the profession as I felt I was not fulfilling my potential, so I branched out into real estate and thereafter into trading the international financial markets. 

This same restless spirit led me to question the what, why and more on drinks. In the process of brainstorming about it, I realized that the conventional way of selling drinks could do with a bit of "reinventing the wheels", to make it accessible to more people. In the process, Love Delite was birthed. I chose a target market to trial out the products and the response was good.

For the first year of operating, I am projection net profit of at least $54,500.

Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 sales are projected to be 250,000, 250,000, 500,000 and 1,000,000.

There is an old Chinses saying, which states that "a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step". So, let us take this step forward and please pledge today.

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Let's make 'Love Delite' happen

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