Love Apple Actually by Richard Curtis

by Richard Curtis in Hungerford, England, United Kingdom

Love Apple Actually by Richard Curtis
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It’s not about charity. It’s about Justice

by Richard Curtis in Hungerford, England, United Kingdom

I’m Richard Curtis. Not ‘the’ Richard Curtis you understand but it is my real name, and I’m shamelessly trading in on it. All for a good cause I hasten to add.

That cause is the eradication of extreme poverty and the needless , preventable, deaths of thousands of children every day. I’m sick of hearing stats like 5 children dying of malnutrition every minute. Then there’s malaria , diarrhoea, measles and pneumonia…..

Together we can do something about it.

I’ve written 4 cook books and all proceeds go to Save the Children. My best seller , ‘Four Potatoes and a Recipe’ has sold 10,000 copies and generated £50,000. The other 3 books have achieved about the same added up. I have a new book on the go which will contain 1,000 recipes featuring tomatoes and I’m starting to raise money now to get it into print in a year or 2.

The great thing is that if it costs say £1-50 to get each book published and we can sell it for a fiver, then we are tripling every pound that is raised.

So , please put your hand in your pocket for the various fund raisers I have planned. Together we can make difference.

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