Solar panels for Permaculture + healing place

Solar panels for Permaculture + healing place

Solar panels for a place that will improve a lot of peoples lives. Hope you can help. Thanks

We did it!

On 29th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £1 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Hello, I'm back again with my project to try and raise the funds for solar panels.  The story goes like this, after a trip to Peru where I had the chance to experience some plant diets I understood that we can't live without nature. We are nature and our purpose is to take care of the nature and improve other peoples lives. I have a piece of land(1ha-10.000 square meters) near(30 miles) capital city of Romania - Bucharest where I plan to move and spread informations on permaculture, plant diets and any useful informations that can improve peoples lives. I'm in touch with an NGO that is creating a community in the mountains and with some very special people that are involved in helping other people around the world to create a better place. Until this point I've managed to build the following: a water well, an eco toilet and a wood cabin(50 square meters). I also have a trailer on the land which I plan to turn it into a library.  

The next step is to plant trees, insulate the house to be able to live there full time,  install a shower, get a stove and install solar panels(2kw) to be able to water the gardens and plants. I hope you can help out, cause this project will help a lot of people improve their lives. Power to the people. Adrian

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