Hotel in the Pyrenees - FREE HOLIDAY REWARD!

Hotel in the Pyrenees - FREE HOLIDAY REWARD!

To buy an old hotel in Lourdes, France, to bring it back to life after at least 20 years. DONATE AND GET A WEEKS STAY B&B - see more info

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are trying to buy an old hotel in Lourdes, France to bring it back to life after it has been empty for at least 20 years. It has beautiful features inside but needs a lot of work!

After lots of work, the sale has been agreed and we were about to get a French mortgage, and then they said they couldn't give a mortgage because it is a commercial property.

We've scraped together every penny we have but we are still £59,700 short.


Why help set up a hotel?

Our plan is not to run it as a normal hotel, but offer a cheaper option for groups such a schools from areas where they can't afford the price of other school trips. My wife and I also work with a number of aid charities, and for each group that stays with us we will give a substantial donation to charity. One of the charities have asked if we can help them build a school in Africa and we would like to not only help them, but connect schools that stay with us with a project in Africa. This will be part of the experience for people staying with us. Lourdes is also the second biggest tourist place in France after Paris. It is a centre for Catholic Pilgrimage, healing and a place that focusses on care for the sick and handicapped.


What will you get?

Firstly, a huge, heartfelt thank you from us!!!


Secondly, if you gave £250 or more we would give you a weeks stay (bed and breakfast) for 2 for free. If you give more we would give you a bigger room for more people - or you could have a week during the ski season - with ski slopes 45 mins away. Flights aren't included - but I flew over in December with 2 weeks notice and it only cost £26 return!

Just so you know - it will take us between 1 and 2 years  to get the main building up and running so we can accept guests. So unless you are happy to stay in the lower floors while we are working on the upper floors you will have to wait 2 years but we will keep you posted of how we are getting on and you'll have a choice of dates to book your week. Also, at this point there is no disabled access.


Please help us bring our dream to life we would be so grateful!!!!!!