Louise Foster's Funeral Fund

Louise Foster's Funeral Fund

To give Louise the funeral she deserves and give her 3 beautiful children the start in life she would have wanted

We did it!

On 6th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £3,390 with 120 supporters in 21 days

My name is Mark Foster, on 13th December my sister Louise lost her long battle with illness. Since Louise gave birth to her 3 beautiful children all she wanted was to give them the best life they could. In 2001 louise was diagnosed with a life changing disease called Macleods syndrome, this illness totally changes the way you live your life, she would spend 3 to 4 months at a time in hospital with the only cure being a double lung transplant, this was very hard for her children watching your mum's health get worse and worse to the point where she was on 24 hour oxygen and continuosly in and out of hospital. In September 2013 louise was given the chance to get her life back, she had her transplant everyone was so happy she could finally be the mum she really want to be, but then on the 23rd december that year tragedy struck our father passed away. This hit the family and the children hard my dad was like the father they never had, Louise was strong through all the turmoil while trying to get better herself. 18 months after recieving her new life Louise was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She fought this disease until the 13th december. the money that is raised on this post will give louise the funeral she deserves and will give the children a small start in life, just to be able to get something for each of them to remember her. Any funds given will so gladly be recieved and i can not tell you how much me and my family appreciate any help that is given. 

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