Louise and The Feathers new LP "Reflection"

by Louise and The Feathers in Talgarreg, Wales, United Kingdom


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I'm a passionate singer-songwriter with the aim to record a new LP, 'Reflection', using multiple instruments. Then share online and live!

by Louise and The Feathers in Talgarreg, Wales, United Kingdom

Louise and The Feathers is a creation after years of writing, jamming and finally wanting to share my folk, pop, rock vibe with influences from Florence and The Machine, Paolo Nutini, Alison Moyet, Tina Turner, Annie Lennox, 4 Non Blondes and more.

From Birmingham originally, we moved to Mid Wales when I was 9. I’ve been writing ever since, played in a variety of bands and at numerous open mic nights. Over summer (in 2011) I worked as chef assistant via Camp America and 3 weeks in I realised how much music meant, so just had to buy a guitar! Then on return, I had true determination to do more with music so held events, workshops and made sure to get written words made into songs and face playing at open mic nights.

After progression and basic recordings I unfortunately got Encephalitis (in 2016), where since have had to find my way through phases of memory recovery. Re-visiting and re-learning songs along with facing the stage again has been a real challenge, but given me much more awareness and acceptance than ever before. 

So (in 2017) I played at an open mic at Porters Cardiff and came up with using my middle name “Louise” representing the roots of my music passion, alongside “and the feathers” linking to spiritual inspiration and a love of nature with the hope to share more and eventually form a band. Since have recorded a demo EP ‘Fallen Leaf’ at home and built confidence at numerous open mic nights and gigs. This led to (during 2018 and 2019) jamming with Andy (on bass) and getting better quality recordings at Aberystwyth Music Studio with Ivan. With gig experience including Pembs Fest, West Fest, Cwmaman Festival, Cwrw and more I then finally put them together as 'Window View' EP!

Now am hoping to get some more songs recorded and put together on 'Reflection' (originally EP now) LP with more of a true instrument ambient vibe. Then shared across the various platforms, with a couple of launch events and a mini tour including multiple locations! The songs to look forward to are FIGHT IT, SUPER WOMAN, MILL POND (lyrics by George Sandifer-Smith),  FIGURE IT OUT (lyrics by Wendy) and DARKNESS. Now with extras JEKYLL & HYDE and BOW & ARROW!! Currently being rural it would amazing to gain your support on this ever progressing journey, which has already given me so much to reflect on (hence the name aha). Will of course have a cool mirror LP image and some fab merchandise made too! Any ideas let me know. Aha. 


  • Studio recording of 7 songs with extra instruments and vocal assistance!
  • Mixing and mastering.
  • Photography (for LP and social media).
  • Merchandise design.
  • Thank you and launch events.
  • Tour arrangement with travel and/or stay.

Thanks! :)
Emily Louise


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

'Reflection' EP and launch event pass!

A signed EP, ticket to launch event (in/ near Carmarthen and Aberystwth), stickers and poster.

£2 or more

Download track

Early download of a chosen favourite track for free and handwritten lyrics picture.

£8 or more

'Reflection' EP

Will get a signed copy of the new EP to you with stickers, hand written lyrics and some teas and biscuits!

£40 or more

'Reflection' EP, launch event for 2 with extras!

A signed EP, 2 tickets to launch event (in/ near Carmarthen and Aberystwth), arranged group photo (with 4 free prints sent after), a t-shirt, stickers, poster and handwritten lyrics.

£80 or more

'Reflection' EP, a gig arranged near you and more

A signed EP, 2 VIP tickets to a special gig arranged near you (should hopefully fill 45min-1hr slot if not the whole night), 2 T-shirts, stickers, poster, handwritten lyrics and 2 signed photos from the night (sent after).

£120 or more

2 'Reflection' EPs, special gig, cake and more!

2 signed EPs, 4 VIP tickets to a special gig arranged near you (should hopefully fill 45min-1hr slot if not the whole night), 2 T shirts, 4 photos on the night (signed and sent afterwards), stickers, poster, handwritten lyrics, a personally baked cake of choice!

£200 or more

Live event for special occasion

A live event of your choice, at location of your preference, for something special on the list. Maybe for a birthday, hen do, wedding or anniversary, or even a graduation final get together?? We could even all wear feathers! I will also bake a cake, hand out stickers and be up for a group picture.

£400 or more

'Reflection' EPs, arranged event and extras!

2 signed EPs, 2 VIP tickets to events already arranged, plus meet for a cup of tea and plan a more personal event (as stated on £200). Then a film copy and live event footage (from this or another gig), 8 photos taken on the night (with 2 of each sent afterwards), 2 t-shirts, handwritten lyrics, stickers, poster and could even have discount goodie bags made inc. EP, t-shirt and more.

Let's make 'Louise and The Feathers new LP "Reflection"' happen

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