Lost Words for Nottinghamshire

by Patrick Limb in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

To ensure "The Lost Words" by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris find a home in every Primary School in Nottinghamshire

by Patrick Limb in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

We did it
On 16th July 2018 we successfully raised £5,700 with 115 supporters in 28 days

'For days I listened but it was too late. They're gone, I'll never camp out below their song. / I lost my chance. I had a river at the bottom of my garden. / I had a lake, a pool. / I had a high tree, I had the warmth of a high tree, / I had a spring that emptied into memory.' - 'The Blackbird', by our man Dermot xx
Keep going, soon we'll have a copy in every school in the UK. What a wonderful gift to give. I would have loved to have such a book in my childhood. Although I enjoy so much as it is.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

The book "These Seven"

A sampler anthology of short stories by Nottingham writers in support of Nottingham’s Stories – the City Read and Write project funded by Arts Council England and managed by Nottingham City of Literature. Available to collect from Five Leaves Bookshop.

£25 or more

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Exploring Nottinghamshire Writers: the book

One great book deserves another: “Exploring Nottinghamshire Writers” is a guidebook to the literary landscape of the region - three centuries and more of writers and the places that inspired them.

£60 or more

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£10 Book Token at Five Leaves Bookshop

The award-winning Five Leaves Bookshop is one of the few independents to open in any UK city centre this century! Found at Long Row, Nottingham, it's the place to go to 'book up' your ideas

£100 or more

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£20 Book Token at Five Leaves Bookshop

Five Leaves Bookshop, a supporter of this campaign, is one of the few independents to open in any UK city centre this century! Located on Long Row, Nottingham, it's the place to go to 'book up' your ideas!

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Drawing of a Hare

Another one-off. Detailed ink drawing of a hare by Harry Whinney - co-organiser of TLW -Notts, and organiser of TLW - Lincolnshire

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Sand Martin Hide

A ‘behind the scenes' tour for a couple of Notts Wildlife Trust’s unique Sand Martin Hide at Attenborough Nature Reserve followed by tea/coffee & cake in the Nature Centre. Learn about their amazing journey to and from Africa and how research from this nest is helping us understand precisely where birds return to in Africa each Autum to spend the winter.

£175 or more

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Artist's Proof of a Fox's Wedding

A Fox's Wedding - when the rain falls and the sun is shining - is an artist's proof by Jackie Morris, the illustrator and co-author of the Lost Words. It shows two foxes gathered under gilded parasols and has been signed by her

£250 or more

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A nature poem by Georgina Wilding

Super grateful to the super-talented Georgina Wilding, Nottingham's very own first Young Poet Laureate (and semi-officially appointed head of awesomeness in NG land right now) for agreeing to write for this very generous donor a one-off, specially minted poem about Nature and Nottinghamshire. Not so much the Ode less travelled as a unique opportunity to have your own dedicated verse.

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