Garden & Interior Design...Craft Studio & Market

by Dannielle Paige in London, England, United Kingdom

Garden & Interior Design...Craft Studio & Market
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Hi I'm Dannielle,Check out my Instagram and blogging sites @lost_the_plots livelovehealthdotblog.wordpress.comI h...

by Dannielle Paige in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi I'm Dannielle,

Check out my Instagram and blogging sites @lost_the_plots

I have a Vision and the calling to be brave and I am trying to change my life.

It involves, gardening, designing, owning and running an online store, having a crafting studio for textiles and ceramics, an organic food store selling dishes from veg grown in the community lead garden spaces.  

This is something I believe in and get excited about. For the first time since having a disrupted childhood, my mum suffer in a near tragic road accident, being seperated from my sisters, leading to me dropping out of my 1st year of Uni, 5 years of homelessness and drug addiction, 3 years of recovery and rehabilitation / working full time for my mums online store and in Kitchens and Bars, figuring out what it is that makes life worth living... I finally have connected with my passions and can see the life and the career I would like to build, and I really want to try. 

I have started building this plan by documenting what I have been up to on my social accounts and I feel my vision is taking shape slowly and i'm feeling confident that with some help and guidance, and of course some financial support that I can build a successful buisness, whether it includes all of my ideas... or more of them! Is still a mystery but I know it will take it's form naturally as I discover which areas are worth the most investment. 

I want to build a company, it will be a process; starting small and building bit by bit as it grows and develops, with the aim to have a small premises, that has crafting studios, a design studio and editing suite. And and office, warehouse area to house a small online store that will also provide a passive income along side the Freelance work I will be doing at the same time. 

So one way I will earn while I am sleeping is by selling items made in house in the crafting studios as well as selling locally sourced items, which will also support local businesses and build a network of artists and craftspeople. This online store will eventually provide jobs for eCommerce managers and order picker/packers. And another way I will earning my living is by doing something that makes me happy! 

This will be a combination of freelance work; Garden Design and Maintenance & Interior Design, and Photography, potentially having a small studio along side the  craft rooms to be able to do in house photography for my store items, having the space available for hire to local photographers providing another source of passive income and making money while i'm not using it.  

I am seeking funding to continue with a community based gardening project, so that I can continue to educate myself with Horticultural and Agricultural knowledge, and create content for an educational gardening blog/website, giving me a subject to practice my photography as well. As I gain experience and acquire the tools and skills I need I would really love to have the opportunity to work as a freelance garden and interior designer, or even for a gardening company for a while to learn the ropes of how the industry works. 

I want to have multiple sources of income, so that I always have something different to do, a sense of financial security that I will have fallback options during different economic climates, have a lifetime challenge and never get bored, feel satisfied with my life and be able to inspire and give opportunities and jobs to people who need and want it.

I Imagine being a photographer as well, this would part time and freelance based on what jobs are available to me as I practice. I am a keen wildlife photographer and want to be able to take great pictures of my plants for quality content on my online platforms and stores , run a marketplace selling hand crafted and locally sourced items for home and garden, develop a blog and website with an educational gardening focus as well as a recipe book and I have plans to open a street food stall as well.  

This is my business idea, it has a few different strings that I will eventually tie together to create one established company, that will eventually be big enough to need staff and interns to help, giving back to my local community by providing jobs.

A brief recap on each string of the business idea; Community urban gardening project, freelance Garden Design and Maintainance, Freelance Photography, an online store for my own hand crafted items, such as handmade pottery and ceramics, soft furnishings for home and garden, online Eat What You Grow Recipe Book, and a health focused Street Food stall.

If you are interested to hear more and the details of what each leg of my business and what my career ideas require in terms of equipment and help I need then thank you so much for your time and curiosity...

 I am still learning and finding my feet, but this is a vision of the career I would be happy to work at, eventually I want to be able to master my chosen crafts and I feel confident that all of these threads will tie together nicely into one strong and established string of my creations in time.  

The equipment I will need firstly is Gardening Tools- to help with gardening and garden maintenance so I can continue to and gain experience and put together a design portfolio to show to Universities or Companies with the aim to learn more and create my own freelance Garden Design and Maintenance Business. 


And probably the most important item I will need to start is a camera that I can take amazing pictures with. This is vital for building my websites, stores, and portfolios, and to be able to start working as a freelance photographer for fashion and events as well as still life/ product photography. Photography is something that I seem to be able to be quite natural at, and I love it. I'm always documenting and taking pics with my smartphone. And I just imagine the photos i could take with a professional camera.

When I was a kid my father got me a Canon DRL 500D. It was sexy and I love taking photos with it, although thinking about it now, I was a bit too young to use it properly at that point but I already knew I wanted to practice photography. My Mum went back to college as a mature student after having me and my Sis young and missing out on her education so she made the choice to follow her passion in photography, which stemmed from make-up artistry, and she went back to school. 

Devastatingly she was a victim of a hit and run accident in Bethnal Green. We are SO lucky that she is still with us, the accident left her for dead an in intensive care unit, fighting for her life and on a life support, then moved to trauma wing where she stayed for months. Because of this she was unable to complete her Photography course, she was acing by the way! I always believed in her as an artist, director and photographer so I gave her my Camera to continue to learn digital photography with, and use as she had plans to open a photography studio

I think a good camera is an invaluable tool to help me create my vision. I would use it for so many things, great photos of my gardens, plants and artworks for use on my blog, website and online store. I would also use it to gain experience to become a freelance events, fashion, product photographer.

Part of my vision is to create a one of a kind of garden centre and home ware store, stocking my handcrafted items and items from local craftspeople and collaborating with local artists and street artists. 

I trained as a Textiles and Fashion designer in college and uni, I loved college, we spent days drawing, painting, screen printing and sewing, I even got an award at the end of year Fashion Show, it was cute. I did some internships within the fashion industry and never quite felt like I was going in the right direction. In University I was completely disappointed with my choice, which led to me misbehaving and dropping out in search of something else. 

Well now I am here growing up and working on achieving my vision and at this point I have realised my passion with textiles is in interior design, I'm thinking soft furnishing design, renovating and up-cycling furniture into my designs. So I will need equipment for dying and screen printing fabrics, a Light Box to expose screens, washing station, silk screens, dying cookers and vats.

I want to make ceramic plant pots and other items such as trinket trays, alter dishes and plates, so I need to get a pottery wheel, and a furnace and materials such as clay and paint, varnish.

I also enjoy to make hanging decor such as custom macrame and twine hangers, dream catchers and accessories for gardens and allotments, that make great gifts for gardening friends. So I will need materials to craft and beautifully package these item

I have another idea for later thinking about but I believe it is possible. It involves a portable kitchen and using the produce grown in the gardens of my project sites to use in the dishes. It would be a fluid menu concept, changing with what produce is available week to week as everything would be harvested by me or one the team each week. It would be a weekly street food stall. Selling tasty, honest, health focused menu, salad boxes, wraps, breakfasts, juices.

Have a look at my Socials and the blogs I have started to work on to get an idea of what I am thinking, It is a slow process but bit by bit I believe I have the skills and talents needed to build an online presence, educational platform, successful online marketplace, top selling Recipe Books, provide great photography and garden design services... 

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