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A gritty Neo-Noir following the story of George Slater, as he recalls the tragic events that altered his life at Hotel Midnight.

by Tony Tomlinson in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

After 40 years George Slater finds himself returning to the very same hotel in which he visited so many years ago. As he recalls the events of his first visit, we discover how life had put him through the worst of it, and how he plans to finally get justice for all he had lost. As nothing clears a mans head like a 40 year long grudge...

If you've seen classic Noir's such as: 'Double indemnity' and 'Angel Face' then you're in for treat, this one might actually make technicolor. With such a film we will be holding set design and period continuity in our highest esteem, and therefore plan to source all of our props, wardrobe and set pieces from different charity shops where possible. As the pieces authenticity not only add to the continuity of the film, but will allow us top give something back to local charities as well!

So... It's time to meet the team and let them tell you a bit about themselves. 

Daniel Payn - Director 

Dan is very excited to be directing this screenplay written by Tony Tomlinson, having worked on several projects in his first year at university he is relishing the opportunity to direct a project of this ambition. He is looking forward to working with a capable team in his hands and will do the best to bring his vision of this film to life. 

Tony Tomlinson - Producer 

Tony has found his foundations whilst studying at university and has excelled as a Production Manager. He has taken this opportunity to bring his original screenplay to life and develop his skills along the way. 

Salima Kamara - Director of Photography 

Salima is a self-taught photographer specialising in portraits and documentary photography. With a strong interest in cinematography, Salima aims to make each frame picture worthy. 

Charlotte Kelly - Production Designer 

Charlotte has an array of experience as a production designer. She is formally interested in expanding her skills and knowledge to deliver a greater sense of her role, as she concentrates on period continuity and costume design for a larger project. 

Gracie Smith - Editor 

Gracie is a second year film student with previous experience as a production assistant, camera assistant and editor of an array of short films. She has developed many skills from her father who is a US television editor, and is excited to further develop her skills in post-production. 

Glen Jenkins - Camera Assistant 

Glen is working as a camera assistant for the first time, as he hopes to further develop his cinematography skills. Glen has previous experience in writing and editing other projects. 

 Amber Pritchard - Make up Artist

Amber is a specialist make-up student studying at Arts University Bournemouth, she has a plethora of skills with prosthetic media and special effects, and looks forward to bringing the periodic visuals of our characters and sets to life. 

Brendan White - Assistant Director 

Brendan is a first year film student looking to further expand his skills as an assistant director by taking on the responsibilities of a larger project. 

Taran Mitchell - Sound Composer 

Taran is highly skilled composer and film maker studying at Arts University Bournemouth. He has acquired a library of self-made tracks and sounds, and looks forward to further developing his library with our period piece. 

Amongst a smattering of other helpers!

Well theres not much else to know really... Oh wait... the money... As in the aforementioned, the majority of the budget will be used for period continuity with it being based in the 40's. So you've heard of the Glitz & Glam of the 20's, but what about the Jive & Swing of the 40's? And what better way to enjoy it than in our very own nostalgiac Neo-Noir? Our Production Designer Charlotte has been working tireless designing authentic outfits, backdrops, props and set pieces. However this does not come cheap, and unfortunately to make the film as well dressed as Humphrey Bogart we are going to need the help of you, the audience. 


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