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by Erin Charnley in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 29th February 2020 we successfully raised £1,200 with 71 supporters in 23 days

Lost Frog Productions are a student-run production company based in Bournemouth working on two projects, Windows and Thornwood.

by Erin Charnley in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thank you so much to everyone who has kindly donated! We have reached our goal- amazing and now we can comfortably make the projects we want to produce. 

Any more donations from this point on will go towards: 

-Travel/ food for both cast and crew creating a more professional set environment.

-A place to stay for those actors travelling from further afield to film with us. 

-More elaborate set dressings/ costumes.

-Additional money towards original scores. 

Again a huge thank for all the donations so far, it means the world! Please keep sharing and donating :) 

About our Films

Windows is a dark psychological thriller short film. We follow John, a recently graduated international student struggling to adapt to life in the real world, as he begins a spiralled descent into insanity. 

Disturbed by the alarming behaviour of a neighbour, the young man is forced to endure a constant state of restlessness as his calls for help are left unanswered; with his sanity hanging by a thread, he’s left with no choice but to confront his demons head-on.

Thornwood is a paranormal mystery mini-series or which we will be filming the finale. The story begins when Rory, self-proclaimed ‘bad boy’ arrives at the dignified academy.  Rory is sent to Thornwood against his will by his disapproving parents to meet his estranged Uncle Ernest for the first time. 

Rory despises the Thornwood life keeping himself separate from his uncle and the other students. That is until he begins to feel whisperings when he is walking down the hallowed halls and the hairs on the back of his neck stand up when he goes near the woods. It turns out everything is not what it seems at Thornwood Academy, for it hides a dark secret kept quiet for decades. 

What we hope to achieve: 


Windows: The role that cinematography will play in Windows will be vital; making the most of the ability of visual storytelling to incite a sense of anxiety and uncertainty in audiences. Inspired by the grim tones and disturbing visuals of the 2019 drama The Lighthouse, the cinematography of Windows will aim to create a similar isolated and uncomfortable atmosphere. The tone will be key; lighting will appear overcast to emphasise heavy shadow, and alongside a dark, earthy colour palette, will be used to force a sense of premonition of the terror, paranoia and insanity yet to come.

Thornwood: For Thornwood, we are aiming for the overall visuals to have a glossy, teen drama esque feel like Riverdale and Thirteen Reasons Why paired with the style conventional British TV dramas like The Secrets of Crickley Hall and Marchlands. We want the episode to have an eerie and mysterious tone.

Production Design: 

Windows: The majority of Windows will be set in a house typical of a recent graduate; space will be less than generous, the furniture will be basic, walls will be bland. The production design will focus on creating a minimalistic, bland and naturalistic setting, in an attempt to mirror the desolation, despair and desperation of the central character. The bedroom will follow this theme and will appear disorganised and unkept, echoing the character’s deteriorating mindscape.

Thornwood: The production design for Thornwood will be pretty extensive, we aim to create a decadent and prestigious English boarding school full of tradition and dignity. We have found a location that matches our tone pretty well but we aim to push the design of the setting to the next level by adding personalised touches to turn Thornwood Academy into a reality. We will require costumes such as several school uniforms with Thornwood logos stitched on to make the world feel more tangible.


Windows: Again, the soundscape for windows will take inspiration from the 2019 drama The Lighthouse, aiming to emphasize the ominous atmosphere of our film. Sound effects will be similar in the sense that they will use sounds of wind and rain to imply stormy weather. One of the key features of this film will be the dialogue, or rather the noises, made by the character’s neighbour; a series bewildering half-human barks and animalistic howls.

Meet the Team:

Erin Charnley- Producer (Thornwood), Co-Writer (Thornwood), Production Manager: Erin has been making short films and other projects for six years, starting at her local drama school and then working on college projects and undergraduate films. She hopes to work in development within the television industry and has completed work experience as a development researcher at companies such as Caravan Media, TwoFour Group and Baby Cow Productions. She is also training as a camera operator at Curtain Call Productions, a Bournemouth based production company that films local theatre. 

Isabella Weeks- Producer (Windows), Script Editor (Windows), 1st AD (Thornwood): Experiencing my first taste of what the media industry had to offer when I applied to Bournemouth University three years ago, spurring my interest scriptwriting and cinematography, my current career ambitions are aimed towards production drama, which is why I’m so excited to be working on this project! Having completed work experience both developing reality television proposals as a researcher with ZigZag Productions in London, and as a camera operator at various Bournemouth-based festivals, I’m soon to be working as a camera operator at Curtain Call productions.  

Charlotte Straw- Director (Thornwood)/ Co-Writer (Thornwood): Charlotte has a passion for storytelling and scriptwriting having specialised in it for two years at Bournemouth University. She cares deeply about the characters and the worlds she creates which is why she is directing and co-writing Thornwood. Charlotte seeks to work in story development and scriptwriting once graduating university. 

Daniel Haddad- Director (Windows)/ Cinematographer/ Writer (Windows): Dan is always looking at the world through the lens of a camera and has a real flair for cinema visuals and cinematography.  Over his three years, Dan has specialised in camera and cinematography honing his craft for becoming a self-shooting camera operator upon graduating university. 

Leila Bonnett- Editor/ 1st AD (Thornwood): I have always enjoyed making videos, ever since I was young, but it was only when I studied an extended diploma in television and film production at college that I really found my passion - editing. Having around 8 years experience making film and editing as well as work experience with some post-production companies I’m really excited to edit Thornwood and Windows.

Hyunwoo Ryu- Camera Assistant /  Lighting Technician: I have produced videos variously such as short films, documentaries, music videos, concentrating on studying deeply about the media industry and production in both Korean uni and British uni. Also during placement term, I was involved in advertisement production company, Cheil Worldwide. In the company, as a cinematographer I took a role in light and camera, as well as this was helpful to experience diverse practical skills in the production of advertising.

Sasha Smee- Cinematographer: Since leaving college, where I undertook a two-year course in Creative Media Production, I have fallen in love with the world of cinematography. My years of experience vary between genres, from running work with wildlife cameraman Martin Hayward Smith to studio shoots with advertising agency J.Walter Thompson in London and work experience on stand up comedy TV with Avalon. 

Why we need your support: 

Although Bournemouth University provides a small budget to aid with our filming we are aiming to create professional and high-quality projects and in order to do that, we need your help! This is our final chance to create a piece of work we, as a production company, are truly proud of which is why we are asking for your support and generosity in this effort. Any donations we receive will go towards creating an authentic and realistic feel to each of our projects which will immerse audiences within our stories, this will be done through the use of costuming and production design. Moreover, your financial aid will also allow us to provide our actors with paid expenses such as travel and food which we think is essential in treating our actors with the respect and care they deserve! This is our final chance to utilise the skills we have crafted over the last three years and create true passion projects that we have poured our hearts in to and one that will accurately reflect our hard work and dedication. 

Budget Breakdown: 


Thank you for visiting our crowdfunder! We all feel very excited about both the projects we are working on and I can assure you that any donations will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way to helping us make these projects a reality. We have huge ambition regarding these projects and we are striving to make them as professional and high quality as can be both on the screen and behind the camera but to do that we really need all the help and support we can get. If you are at all interested in our company and the projects we are working on please follow us on Instagram @lostfrogproductions and please donate to this pay, no matter how big or small any contribution is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to consider this crowdfunder!


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