Lornabury 2017 - Mini Garden Festival

Lornabury 2017 - Mini Garden Festival

The project is to further develop and expand a local 'mini-festival' event into something bigger, better and supported by more people.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In May 2016, a group of friends and I decided to organise something fun and quirky for August Bank Holiday that involved our social circle, work colleagues and expanded friends, family and peers to come together and celebrate. 'Lornabury' was created.

Lornabury is a local mini-festival opened up to a large group of people included in the aforementioned groups and was held in a large private residence within Langley Burrell, Wiltshire. It included a vast range of live music, DJs, festival-themed decorations and each area was designated a 'festival theme' including and not limited to; the camping area, the catering section, the portaloos, the bar, and the main stage!

Over 60 people attended in 2016, some coming from as far as Plymouth and Wales. The feedback was exceptional and having contemplated making it a one-time-event - we have decided to launch Lornabury 2017.

2016 was at great personal cost to myself and co-organiser, money we simply do not have to spend this time around again. Our commitment is our time, having spent hours upon days upon weeks on last year's event. We want to continue this as a free event to our guests.

The only real costs to put this on is for 2 portaloos, a local band and decorations. We've estimated this event would cost no more than £500.

We hope to continue with Lornabury development and one day expend into the ajoining field and make it an event that will one day be on our local map.

Thank you