Lords of war airsoft

Lords of war airsoft

The aim of my project is to bring the sport of Airsoft to anyone 12 years and over via an indoor shooting range and training Centre.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Lords of war airsoft will be an indoor shooting range for anyone aged 12 years and over. For those who play airsoft the frustration of waiting for those skirmish days to roll round can be very frustrating.

I will provide a shooting range that will be open 7 days a week and will cater for all your airsoft meds including a fully functioning shooting range lay out.

10 lanes at first which will include ranges for pistol,assault rifle and sniper rifle.

Full hire of airsoft equipment will be avaliable, so you do not have to own your own kit to use the ranges.

Leagues will be hosted on site covering all classes of weapon and age groups.Prizes for top 2 competitor's in each class.Admin fees will apply to these competitions.

Seminars and 1to1 trying on all subjects airsoft related for all ages and skill levels.

Airsoft supplies will be available onsite and via a custom made website.