Loose skin removal surgery

by Adam Paul Saunders in Peacehaven, England, United Kingdom

Loose skin removal surgery
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I need to raise money for loose skin removal surgery.

by Adam Paul Saunders in Peacehaven, England, United Kingdom

May 2013 I had a motorbike accident which left me bed bound for a year, I can now walk but my mobility is limited. My weight before that accident was 16 stone but I was fit and healthy.

After being bed bound for a year and limited mobilty since, my weight soon spiralled out of control, I got to 28 stone, and spent my life at the doctors due to serious health problems.

I got referred for weight loss surgery by my gp, which was amazing news, I thought finally a fresh start, I then got told it might not be safe enough due to my health, it took 2 years of further testing before they agreed to do it because they said if I didnt have the surgery they doubt I would live another 2 years. 

The day of the surgery came, I had to sign some paper work because I was such a high risk, I had a 1 in 10 chance of dying. I finally had the surgery in may 2017, it was successful. 

My new weight now fluctuates between 11-11.7 stone. I still have health problems but am alot better off, my liver is no longer dying(I'm no longer dying).

I have started this crowdfunding to ask for help towards my loose skin removal, the NHS will not fund me even though its causing me sores, gets in the way causing pain and affecting my mental health, I still feel fat and uncomfortable because of it.

I have got a private quote and to cover my most affected areas, it will cost £22000.

I could never afford that, so if anyone could please help me, I would be very grateful. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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