The Honey Bee Project

The Honey Bee Project

I am raising money for additional beekeeping equipment and a dedicated honey processing shed

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello I am an independent beekeeper my hives are located in different parts of lincolnshire producing delicious locally produced honey.

Bees pollinate three quarters of the world's most important crops and flowers, But they're under threat, there are all types of issues from pesticides to viruses that threatens our bees so its the beekeeper that is helping our honeybees.


By helping raise money to keep 6 more hives which can be quite exspensive to purchase you would be helping out our little honey bees that have so much against them. We also need additional 4 bee suits to start beekeeping experience days to teach the art of bee keeping. 

We are in great need of building a dedicated area for processing honey which at the moment i process in our kitchen but a dedicated area is needed to process our honey.


A big big thank you for your help from myself and the little lady's .