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We want to look at the heart - literally! A Pocket ultrasound will make such a difference to the speed we can do it - please help us.

We did it!

On 17th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £771 with 15 supporters in 28 days

When a patient comes into hospital with chest pain, or shortness of breath, it can be caused by many things, ranging from a pulled muscle to broken ribs; from indigestion to a chest infection.

It also can of course be a sign of a heart attack, fluid on the lungs, or a major problem with the main artery that transports blood to the body.

So how can the doctor work out the difference in a fast and accurate way?

LOOKing and examining the patient and taking a history from the patient is really important, as are blood tests, x-rays and LISTENing to the heart and heart recordings.

What could add valuable information to the assessment would be the ability to carry out a quick ultrasound SCAN examination. These are very fast, painless, have no risk attached, and have been shown to be a really useful screening tool to get a quick and accurate diagnosis, meaning the patient gets the right treatment as soon as possible. 

Our charity, NPIMR, based at Northwick Park Hospital, are hoping to raise £10000 so that we can buy one of these hand held ultrasound devices for our heart doctors, so that our patients get the correct treatment as quickly as possible  – the faster treatment is given, the better chance it gives of a full recovery.

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