by Lono Cove in Chester, England, United Kingdom

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The aim of this project is simple - BUY your cocktails, but drink them later!

by Lono Cove in Chester, England, United Kingdom

We opened our wonderful business at the tail end of 2018 and have since touched the lives of many great people through the service of fantastic drinks in Chester. 

We are determined to survive the COVID-19 outbreak, and until now believed that we could go it alone. Not any longer! Our government has released restrictions on the public‘s movement which is due to hit our industry very hard and we envisage only being able to survive for about 4 weeks at the current rate. 

We are at a particularly vulnerable time on our journey! 

We do, of course, feel responsible for the livelihoods of the incredible team we employ and what to explore every avenue we can to help provide them with a semblance of normality at this time. 

We ask that you continue to buy your cocktails now BUT for when we re-open!

To all of our customers, we are deeply sorry that we won’t get to enjoy our daily chats and laughter with you. Thank you for helping, and we will see you on the other side!

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£250 or more

Master class for 10 people

Enjoy a master class making some of our award winning cocktails. This voucher is for 10 people and you will receive: - Welcome Prosecco cocktail - 1 of our award winning drinks made by our award winning staff - last but not least jump behind the bar and have a go at making one yourself!

£20 or more

£20 voucher

£20 to spend as you please once we are back up and running

£50 or more

£50 voucher

maybe you can buy a couple of zombie hordes? or just enjoy a few rounds once we are back in play!

£1,000 or more

Make the difference!

A donation of £1000 or more would make all the difference. We would not know how to thank you - but we’d find a way!

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