by Liza Pot in London, England, United Kingdom

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The raised money will be used to pay a professional cast glass designer to make the cube sculpture for the exhibition in May 2020.

by Liza Pot in London, England, United Kingdom

LONG-TERM MEMORY is an installation made of cast glass that transports viewers into a micro-scale view of natural processes that form information storage within us. It is a visualisation of a process that we are often unable to perceive – our long-term memory.

Inspired by various reports from students in neuroscience about unknown brain patterns, I decided to look for scientists whose research is aimed at understanding a very deep interrelation between scientific and spiritual aspects of how our memory works. 

Here we observe a very elegant journey of ions into and within human brain, taking into account its influence on DNA and self-duplication on etheric and astral levels of human spirit. Long-Term Memory installation symbolises an advancement of understanding of internal human processes.

The installation's narrative is found within the moving image piece, as well as in the glass structure itself, making it a whole story within space.

The cube consists of three parts, taking into account the physical, etheric and astral levels of human spirit. The transparency of two outer cubes is indicative to the invisibility of etheric and astral planetary levels to our eyes. Yet they exist and are material in their own ways. A viewer observes glimpses of light and information on the outer cubes, just like the other levels of reality can sometimes appear to us in deformed and unexpected ways, such as dreams or premonitions. In the same way, particles from the physical reality are spreading into the other levels and there is a clear interrelation between the cubes.

The raised money will be used to pay a professional cast glass designer to make the cube sculpture. Art in Mind exhibition will happen at the Brick Lane Gallery 28th April - 11th May.

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