Long live Merander

Long live Merander

To get to the target where we can breath life back into Merander again for us all to enjoy her again this year .

We did it!

On 28th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £250 of £250 target with 2 supporters in 28 days

Well hi all so here it is at last . I have been advised by a few of you to do it so I thought why not lets see how it rolls .   I have got quotes to get Merander welded up to pass her test so I thought I would try and ask for half of it on a crowd fund of £250  .  

So all I can say to you all is that those of you that have benifited from her, in one way or another over the 6 years if you could maybe show your appreciation and donate a little to help towards the cause . She has a great memory and can remember all those she helped over the years whether is was a cup of tea at a festival , sleeping with her , going on trips in her , and helping people move stuff for them with her garage  in the back .  I hope that I dont have to tell her that no one has remembered the kind things she has done in her life with us , when it comes to us helping her back to life . xxxx

oh karen your except already for finiding me a great cheap welder to fix her up lol  

thanks and wish her luck xx

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