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Avan Lindemann, 14, wants to be an actor and film director. This passion project is thought out to get him started. He will produce a movie!

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Avan Lindemann, 14, wants to be an actor and film director and there is no time to waste. Long Ago In Gauwn is the intro to his full length feature film. With the help of the creative people around him, Avan wants to embark on the amazing journey of making a movie and learning as much in the process as he can. He will be story boarding, editing, composing, choreographing fight scenes, acting and co-directing. 

Avan already has a substantial background in martial arts, choreography and piano based music composition. He is a natural actor and pursues his passion in the Cornwall Youth Theatre Company. Nutty about Lord of the Rings, (he learned Tengwar, Kuzdul and bits of black Speech), he watched all of the 27 hours of appendixes for years, and naturally, the desire formed to follow in the revered footsteps of Peter Jackson in the same genre.

Claudia, his mother, is a dancer with a kaleidoscope of talents and ambitions. Mainly distinguished in the dance field as a flamenco dancer (www.flamenco-cornwall.com), she has many strings to her bow. Yet, being a single mother and working in the creative fields needs foremost two qualities: handling a budget and perseverance. Herself a black belt in Karate, and growing up with Lord of the Rings, it seemed like only a matter of time until it all had to come together: a script was written, many costumes sewn and the creative people of Cornwall mobilised. It is now her role to support her son in his ambition and facilitate the best possible learning opportunity for him. Mother and son have therefore recently founded the Dúnedain Film Productions. (www.dunedainfilm.uk)


This is an empirical approach to learning: Our aspiring young film maker's venture in the fantasy genre is an exciting adventure of its own and almost beats the story line: In the land of Gauwn trouble is brewing. An evil sorceress has abducted the king and the royal children decide to take matters into their own capable hands. they steal out of the castle to find their father. When the queen realises that her children are missing she goes after them, and eventually faces the sorceress and her deepest fears in a battle of magic.


Avan is eager to do most of the story boarding himself and also to co-direct as much as possible. (As he is also one of the main characters these roles sometimes have to be split between mother and son.) As Cornwall is a wonderful, magical country, the scenery is perfect and many people from the creative industries (actors, installation artists, costume makers, musicians, riders, circus artists, Larping enthusiasts, martial artists, photographers and illustrators) are happy to take part in this special project. Like mother and son they also feel: let's not simply wait  for the elusive opportunities to knock on the door. Instead let's open the door, step out and do it ourselves!


What we need & What you get

Long Ago in Gauwn is envisaged to be the introduction to a full length feature movie, for which proper funding will be needed. this campaign can get us there by creating a truly awesome teaser trailer and to show what a teenager and his team can achieve.

The money will be needed to pay for some gear, which we do need, (in this genre leather, and boots and weapons are a sort of must have....) , costume, design and set making, some technical equipment to do the actual filming, some modest payment for locations and riding stables, if possible some expenses for the actors and technicians' fees for certain CGI affects which Avan cannot master yet (but he is learning fast...).

In the event that we don't reach all of the funding target, we fully intend to complete the project with whatever part of the budget we are able to raise. Should we be lucky enough to go above budget, this will of course be reflected in the quality of the final production. 

So please help to share our campaign - let the world know about it! If you should be one of those amazing people who donate to 'Long Ago in Gauwn', check out our exciting perks. These range from our branded T-shirts and mugs (which are awesome by the way) to private screening invitations, privileged digital downloads, including Avan's music score and various forms of film credits.


We are looking forward enormously to continue this amazing journey. We have already started with the filming and the footage so far is looking very good. But we do need more support on the way. we are also hoping that this project will act as a spring board for Avan and will offer the opportunity to come into contact with other industry professionals. In the longer term Avan is also hoping to secure a work experience ship in a well known studio. He will definitely have a rich portfolio when he applies for university later on! so far the project, already 24 months in the planning, has led to an enormous learning curve and the opportunity to establish valuable new contacts. 


If you are unable to contribute to the project financially, (although we are grateful for every contribution, however modest), you can help us enormously by sharing  this campaign, telling people about it and helping to make a noise. Every social media and online share can potentially have a great impact! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!



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