Take Back Your Creative Freedom.

by Divarni Groce-Balogun in London, England, United Kingdom

Take Back Your Creative Freedom.


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A fresh independent record company with an ambitious programme of artist development, world-class creative output, and majority ownership IP

by Divarni Groce-Balogun in London, England, United Kingdom

Loneboy Records is a Multi-Genre Label facilitated to your needs, and is in full support of your developments, and creative freedom. We want you to be part of the future. What is it that LoneBoy does that leads our clients to success within our organisation? Its our model, which is  powered by new initiative methods, technologies  that will lead our business to the next evolution to the Music Entertainment. 

What Is LoneBoy? 

A fresh independent record company with an ambitious programme of artist development, world-class creative output, and majority ownership of multiple revenue streams. You.

 A brand: the LoneBoy brand will stand as a demonstration of faith in youth and creatives, an aspirational marker of creative opportunity and ambition. 

The brand will find prominence across music, events(Touring, Live performances) and fashion. 

Why are we Different?

The music industry is characterized by what the major labels (EMI, BMG, Sony, Polygram etc.) have done in the past 

Those companies which remain are saddled with traditional ways of operating and related cost-base. They are now 100% risk-averse, requiring finished, proven acts which typically replicate an established model

This inhibits the appetite and creativity required of new music

As an independent operator, LoneBoy combines early stage intervention in the development of IP, with an operating model which allows you to rapidly participate in multiple revenue streams.

Our business model encourages new music acts and their subsequent development at an earlier and accelerated rate, with share greater than industry norm. 

As we identify talent and opportunity at an earlier stage than typical in the industry, we are justified in owning a greater share of subsequent revenues

For each $ we earn, we retain at-least 60%

Our input into this development allows us to co-own products which have multiple revenues, streams (recorded music, touring, merchandise)

LoneBoy  being that of a record label it has already sourced and signed several vibrant new acts, already in development, and primed for single releases in Q3 2020

Artistic and creative freedom is our core value, as artists now struggle within the industry to obtain majority ownership of IP (Masters) we care and help to take control of creative and original work. Funds that are to  raised will go towards artist development, Recording, Marketing, Branding, and  rehearsing. preparing solo or groups to reach the next level in their artistic endeavours, to the point of touring and live performances. Due to COVID that would include live streamed concerts having still connecting virtually with fans, friends, and families.

LoneBoy Is just a label it is you, and we are a family working together to build a bigger and wider foundation. 

Let's make 'Take Back Your Creative Freedom.' happen

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