Londons 30U30 Artists & Freelancers Covid-19 Fund

by R.B.C in London, England, United Kingdom

Londons 30U30 Artists & Freelancers Covid-19 Fund


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To provide an emergency hardship fund for artists and freelancers in the creative industries in London who have lost work due to Covid-19

by R.B.C in London, England, United Kingdom

A healthy thriving creative culture is the backbone of any progressive society. It is clear now that in the wake of the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus, that many people who are vital contributors to Londons arts and culture will be taking significant financial hits as a result of necessary decisions taken to counteract the spread of the illness. Working as a freelancer in the arts is more often than not a precarious financial balancing act, and so we are launching this crowdfunder in order to raise an emergency hardship fund for people struggling to make ends meet over the next few weeks due to the cancellation or postponement of projects brought about by Covid-19. 

As the disruptions continue to intensify, it is important to remember many artists and workers in the creative industry are self-employed, and will be unable to collect an income as live events, workshops, and productions are cancelled or postponed indefinitely. We are hearing of many stories of people now being unable to pay rent or put food the table. We believe it is the responsibility of government, and in many cases the governing bodies of arts funding, to take a lead on these issues, and while we wait for that, we need to provide a space for the public to help alleviate some of the anxiety and hardship that is becoming widespread at the moment. 

10 x £2500 hardship funds, to be handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis to freelancers aged 18-30 who have had their income affected by the widespread cancellations of projects throughout London. The freelancers can work in any field – art, literature, film, theatre, TV, or music. Once the crowdfunder has reached its target, details will be released on how to claim a bursary. If the money raised exceeds our target, then we will increase the number of bursaries.

All funds raised will go to those who need it. 100% of all monies raised will be delivered as bursaries (minus the 3% fee of this crowdfunder website). Offering full transparency on how the crowdfunder operates, but anonymity is guaranteed for the bursary recipients, unless otherwise agreed.

London is a city with a strong tradition of communities dedicated to education, to expression, to creativity, and to helping the most vulnerable in our society. Artists and those who work beside them dedicate their lives to the exploration of ideas, and with it expanding the minds of all those who come into contact with the creative culture of the UK. Now, in these difficult times, it would make for a powerful gesture to just alleviate some of the pressures many now face paying bills and putting food on the table.

So, donate if you can, no matter how small the amount, and spread the word of this crowdfunder via social media, email, and any other way you can think of.

Thank you wholeheartedly for your support.

R. B. Castrioti

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