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106825-f1ab4f4c88d52ff459ea0a94329df1ee. is a connection of a website, companies catalogue and social media platform. I'm creating platform where visitors with ease can find information about every London Postcode. Where local people are connected to their local services and businesses. Main design idea is to make everything easily accessible. In few clicks visitors are able to find companies - on specially created for this one project - London Postcode Map. From main page they have just 2 steps/clicks to read all about one of the over 200 postcodes of London. My map is first interactive London Postcode Map.


Please take a quick tour on already working website CLICK

I created London Postcode Map for a reason. First and foremost is to connect local people with local businesses. But I have no doubts that my map will be used by people visiting London. That was almost 2 years ago when that idea first appeared in my minds. After long preparations plan was created and now I'm carefully shaping the reality. This is rare opportunity to create something that should be done a long time ago.

How communities will benefit from Londoners website? My postcode map is designed to be independent from search engines offer. I will be adding businesses and services to my map relying on local people opinion. That's why I'm building strong Social Media presence. Right now I have quick access to around 25K people in London area. My goal is to reach 50K people in January 2017. I want promote the best people, businesses and services. If for any reason I can't promote you then you can still advertise on our page. There are many options available. Please visit our website and look for Sponsor Us page.

I'm gathering content for my website. I interviewed many Londoners and I'm doing this now. Please visit Interview page. I've had spoke with photographers, artist, chefs, bakers and many more. Londoners will be archive of our beautiful city and people living in it. 

Why do I need crowdfunding? Currently on Londoners working just one person. I'm doing my job after hours as a pro bono publico. My project is time consuming even on this early stage. Time is crucial and I want to expand Londoners and hire more people on regular basis to finish first version of our fully working website until January 2017. 

Londoners! It's time. For every donation I'm offering great awards. 

London was always city of brave people. I'm brave with my approach. I just need funds to create something special.  We can make together things to be right again. We can stop chaos of search engines and create something simple, useful and trustworthy. This idea is a great way to tell the world we are independent. We are doing our things in our unique way. We are not looking around what others do. We leading our own way.

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