London Young Green crowdfunder

The London Young Greens are crowd-funding a campaign to push back against the new government, and create a strong Green presence in London

We did it!

On 3rd Jul 2015 we successfully raised £505 of £500 target with 12 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Not only will we expand our efforts to develop Young Greens across London, but also build our voice with the upcoming London Assembly election in mind.

About us

Despite the green vote increasing fourfold, the devastating results in the General Election tell us one thing: We are going to need to fight hard over the next 5 years, against a government resolved on embedding austerity, inequality, and injustice. We need your help.

Today we've launched a crowdfunder, and we'll be using the money raised to campaign for a progressive future for this country. Our big opportunity for hope and change is next year's London Assembly and Mayoral elections.

London Young Greens have grown by 1,500% in the past year, and young people account for a quarter of total Green party membership. We are fundamental to the future of the party and of politics as a whole, and seek to change society through youth empowerment. Next year, we will be central to the strategy of electing and promoting Green candidates for the London Assembly elections in May 2016. We will be making sure young people are represented, at a time when this will be desperately needed.

Like the Green Party, the Young Greens rely on donations from ordinary people like you. Your support is vital, and helps us initiate grassroots campaigns that help change the future of this country. We're going to be fighting every single day for the next five years, and we need your support to do so.

What we want to do

The alternative green voice is gaining popularity as the only one capable of the radical change our country's future demands. The next year represents a really exciting opportunity for the Greens - to win seats and voices in the London Assembly.

These elections are also run by proportional representation – which means we have a great opportunity to elect more London Assembly members and ensure our voice is heard.

Money contributed to the Young Green campaign would be put towards various goals of the London young greens including (£1000);

  • Campaigning to tackle key issues including austerity, inequality, privatisation, cuts to public services, a living wage and the environment. We need resources to get our message out there. 
  • Expand our university presence – crucial to success in the next year will be growing our presence in universities and mobilizing student groups in our campaign efforts.
  • Training and action days for campaigners – we want to ensure every Young Green in London feels they are well equipped to tackle issues that matter to them.
  • Subsidising rail fares for lower income activists – we want to ensure that everyone who wants to be involved can be.

Any contribution you can provide will be gratefully accepted. We don’t have financial resources to match bigger parties. With your support, we can ensure we have a strong voice, and will put young people’s issues and futures at the heart of the London's election campaigns.


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