London to Paris Cycle Ride Green Party Fundraiser

by Andrew Crawford in March, England, United Kingdom

London to Paris Cycle Ride Green Party Fundraiser


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Flexible funding – this project will receive all pledges made by June 15th 2019 at 7:16am

I will be cycling from Battersea Park London to The Eiffel Tower in Paris, a journey of about 180 miles.

by Andrew Crawford in March, England, United Kingdom

About The Ride

The ride will be part of a group of around 30 cyclists, who are each raising money for different causes, (and some just doing it for the fun and fitness). The planned journey will cover three days covering 60-70 miles a day. I am using the opportunity to further the Green Agenda by raising funds for our local Green Party.

Why We Need Green Voices

Green voices on councils means that we can start to tackle the environmental issues which affect all of us. Without the green influence there will inevitably be continued and prolonged destruction of the environment in the pursuit for wealth and the economy. This cannot go on. It is unsustainable.

Why We Need Funding

But it costs money. To stand a candidate at a General Election costs £500. Promotional costs can be another £1000. The money has to come from somewhere and The Green Party is not backed by large donations from wealthy business donors or from unions.

Where We Are Now

Fenland Green Party now has three Green Party members on Town and Parish Councils and one at District level but we need more, and we need representation at County level too. We also want to provide everyone the North East Cambridgeshire constituency the opportunity to vote for a Green Party candidate at the next general election.

Green Values

Our core values are the protection of the environment and for social justice leading to a better world for everyone. You may not support the Green Party and you may not wish to vote for a Green Party candidate. But our very existence means that governments take notice of our green agenda and are steered in the right direction. The stronger we get, the more they will take notice of the environmental issues and the climate change we all face.

All funds raised will go directly to Fenland Green Party - I have covered all my own costs personally.

Note: To comply with electoral law, all donors must be on the UK electoral register.

Andrew Crawford

Chair/Coordinator for Fenland Green Party

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