London Teacher Home

London Teacher Home

Teacher home - guaranteed 6.5% return over three years, and knowledge that you are contributing to an important moral project in London!

We did it!

On 7th Jul 2016 we successfully raised £150 with 2 supporters in 56 days

We are a family of two London teachers, our daughter, dog and two cats (!). We work hard, and we do an important job in the capital, supporting inner city children and their families, and making a real difference to thousands of people's lives.

Key worker housing earlier in our careers was not an option for us, and we have been renting in London since 2007. Over this time, we have spent nearly £200,000 on rent. As such, we cannot afford to save  for a deposit, and the bank of mum and dad is not available to us.

We recently received notice to leave our rental property, a house which has been a home to us and our 5 year-old daughter for four years.  We have to leave, and we have to find a landlord who will have us as we are (fur-babies and all) - but who could give us notice when they like, and see us moving again in 6 months.

We love our jobs. An Assistant Headteacher, and a Deputy Head of Art, and our experience and professionalism make a real difference to the lives of the people we work with. However, to continue to be able to do this job, we need your help.

Barclays bank have recently released a new mortgage product (the Family Springboard Mortgage). It's a great idea, which allows family or friends to invest some money to help buy a house over three years. The money (10% of property value), is invested over three years, in an account administered by Barclays. At the end of three years, the money, plus interest (1.5% above Bank of England base rate), is released back to the original lenders. You get a financial return, AND a social and moral return. We propose adding an additional 5% interest as an incentive, which will be paid by us.

So, if you have some spare funds, which you want to invest in a genuine, morally unambiguous project, we a feel-good factor knowing that you have made a little girl and her dog (OK, and her parents too) happy and secure and able to do their important jobs, look no further! We are hoping to raise £50,000, which is 10% of the maximum that we will be able to borrow, which is enough for a modest three bedroom house in North London. We hope you can help. If you can, you know what to do and, if possible, please share this project around :-)

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