London River Rehab

by Earl Smith in London, Greater London, England

London River Rehab

London River Rehab would be a Rehab barge, afloat for the whole duration of the session. Eliminating any chance of deviation or temptation!

by Earl Smith in London, Greater London, England


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I strongly believe that River Rehab would be the best opportunity for individuals to successfully complete their course, without any temptation of drugs or alcohol being accessible. 

Which often results in the expelling of the individuals, wastage of thousands of pounds  not to mention the feeling of complete failure and the feeling of social neglect. 

Individuals would literally get onto my barge and not be getting off for a whole 3 wks at a time. 

Helping to clean, cook and have the opportunity to partake in courses.

All in the while of being Rehabilitated through 1 to 1 consultations with onboard personnel, group sessions and individual goals to achieve. 


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