Express Rent

by AJ Gallo in London, England, United Kingdom

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Fast Rent Solution to anyone looking to rent in London. Using existing Software for Critical mass of renters all in London.

by AJ Gallo in London, England, United Kingdom

In 2003, I could not find anyone to help me as an expat looking for a place to rent. I then started London Relocation

London Relocation has placed over 15,000.00 people since 2004, we now want to offer or service to Everyone. We charge one months Rent and Guarantee our service. 

London Relocation have relationships with all agent in London. In 2014 we developed a software that qualifies our clients and communicates this to the agents. We have used it and now will to offer to everyone. We are now 60 days away to being finished. We have over 90 agents on our portal now.

We also have a board which consist of the larger 10 agents. We have been successful at or business model so the agents are very on Board