London M25 fixed fares for all Airport journeys

London M25 fixed fares for all Airport journeys

Cut waste by matching 90% of all private hire and taxi outbound airport & port journeys with arriving tourist & business travellers

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Hello, if you are a person who believes that a reasonable distance PHV/Taxi fare to or from the airport shouldn't be more expensive than an airline ticket, then read on.


Do you, the customer, want attractive PHV/Taxi fixed fares? Do the drivers want to earn more money? And do we all want to protect our environment? Well, if your answer to all three questions is yes. Hopefully, my proposal will convince you that it can be achieved, with your support.


How is this going to work?

I've decided to take the lead by becoming a PHO and prove how both Airports&Ports and 5day Service can match outbound travellers with inbound travellers. Ideally, I would've wanted private hire operators and taxi drivers to sign-up before offering BargainPHV's fares to the public, but they need to see BargainPHV working before committing.


I only want to hire a few drivers and give them at least two back-to-back Airport runs daily. As customers discover the prices and demand increases, I will introduce the private hire operators and taxi drivers in a measured format.


Why the different services?

  • Airports&Ports customers have to chat with the private hire operator/taxi driver before making a booking
  • If a delay occurs both customer and pho/taxi driver can leave messages for each other
  • The customer gets a complete log of all correspondence before, during and after the journey
  • The 5Day Service deals with last-minute forgetfulness and unexpected events, for example; the plane gets diverted leaving the driver with no return fare
  • The pho/taxi driver can add their vehicle to this service allowing customers to book the available vehicle

Increasing driver incomes with attractive fares

Low fixed fares will attract over 40% of a million daily airport commuters. The key is getting customers to BargainPHV so the drivers can earn the following revenues; £66 back-to-back saloon and £80 back-to-back MPV5 will be the most popular requested rides. The aim is to give each driver two runs a day which equates to £132 and £160 respectively and takes about 6 hours to complete the runs.


Managing expectations

In the early days and weeks, most PHV/Taxi requests will not be acknowledged because matching inbound and outbound journeys have to be timed within an hour of each other. When a driver drops off the customer at the airport or within London's M25, an hour allows for traffic congestion, parking at the airport, a break for the driver or unexpected problems.


What will the money be used for?

To pay for the PHO License, hire two staff and engage Facebook and Twitter in promoting BargainPHV to the USA, Canada, India, and Australia.


Why should you invest in BargainPHV?

The only way to cut waste from 25,000 competing taxi drivers and private hire operators within an 117-mile radius is with BargainPHV’s regional platform and, it gives the taxi and private hire fleets the best chance to reduce their airport and port waste by 90%.


If you are serious about reducing our environmental impact, as I am, in reducing the waste of the private hire and taxi fleets, then please support me with this proposal by either donating or promoting BargainPHV.


Many Thanks


Mr Bill Hanlon

Creator of BargainPHV


On a relaxing note, here is a video poking fun at myself. (There is a few swear words so don't play it in front of children) Bill Hanlon Outtake