London Glades

London Glades

This is a non-profit project to build a garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, educating the public in pioneering sustainable designs.

We did it!

On 26th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £4,520 with 19 supporters in 28 days

London Glades Project 

 We are very excited about our upcoming design project London Glades which will, with your help, appear at the Hampton Court Flower Show this July. Intended for an urban location, we have created a low maintenance self sustaining eco system. Based on edible forest gardening principles and the ancient art of Hugelkultur, the garden offers its users a peaceful solitude with seasonal high yield gourmet produce of fruit, nuts, edible flowers and leaves, unusual roots and shiitake mushroom logs ready to harvest around the year. Almost everything in the garden has an edible quality, yet looks and feels like a natural edge of forest space. We aim to create a user friendly, peaceful garden, close to nature, whilst appealing to the public perception of what beauty is, away from controlled gardens with manicured lawns, chemical controls and tightly clipped borders towards something more aligned with nature. There is no hard landscaping in the garden, using alternative lawn techniques to create walkable, usuable surfaces while limiting carbon footprint. We have also created a 250 page bound book intended to be given to the user of our garden, in which techniques, philosophy, harvest calendars and recipes for the produce in the garden are explained. We hope that by inspiring the user in this way they will understand how to use the space and take on a deeper relationship with their garden. 

Why we are so passionate about our garden 

  1. We are informing the public on pioneering sustainable techniques from around the world which work with nature towards a better future 
  2. Introducing a wealth of edible planting to the public eye which is uncommon yet sustainable and easy to grow, showing how these can be cultivated in gardens with low maintenance/ high yield. 
  3. Exploring environmentally organic principles for a non chemically controlled future 
  4. Challenging public perception of the concept of beauty in a natural space- moving away from control towards a deeper relationship with the environment. 
  5. Heralding the work of leading permaculture and pioneering garden designers such as Sepp Holzer, Martin Crawford, Mary Reynolds and Masinobu Fukouka and inviting the general public to explore a fascinating environmental movement that works towards a better future. 
  6. Aiming to promote a new culture of communities which have the conservation of the natural world at the heart of their principles and realising that we are a part of that world.     

The RHS have shown a lot of excitement for our design and given us a starter £5000 towards our show garden build positioning us in a prime location in their Gardens for a Changing World arena. The publicity available over the course of show week is amazing, offering us the chance to spread our message and establish ourselves and our ethos within the public eye. There are 150,000 visitors to the show plus a full weeks BBC coverage and international media publicity which reaches millions of readers and viewers. We also have an arranged visit to our garden live on BBC with celebrity chefs to discuss and cook produce from our garden. We aim to spend the show week interacting with the public and media, handing out leaflets and brochures of our cause and getting people as passionate as we are! It's a very exciting way of spreading an important message! 


Why we need your support 

We ourselves at Future Gardens are putting £20,000 into the design, build and base materials and sundries, while the RHS grant of £5,000 will go towards a portion of the edible planting that is required for a garden of this size (100m2 of show garden level planting is required). We wanted to secure the final £15,000 needed through a sponsor that met our sustainable requirements but have found this challenging within the short time frames that we have had since RHS told us we were successful applicants for the show. We need a further £15,000 to make sure this show garden looks as stunning as we know it needs to look to gain a "show level" positive public and RHS judging response. 


How your money will support us 

Established large and medium trees  -  £5660

 Shrubs and herbaceous perennials, groundcover  -  £4980

 Wildflower glade turf  -  £1560

 Green manures and compost sundries  -  £1000

 Conservation hedging  -  £1200 

 Leaflets/ Brochures print out  -  £600 

 As this is for a show garden we of course must dismantle the site after show and remove plants to good homes. We are more than happy to offer these to any of our donors in quantities that can be discussed directly with us by collection or delivery arranged by yourselves. Alternatively we have made arrangements with the charity Mind in Harringay whose allotments and cultivation ethos for healthy mind and body is a cause close to our hearts and local to our homes. We will be donating the remainder of edible stock left over to their cause and discussing ways to implement this into their spaces. 

As our edible plants are at times unusual and unique a lot of the time only smaller specialist growers are who we can obtain necessary quantities from. So your money will also be supporting these local heroes too! 

Please do all you can to help this worthwhile cause, and if you can't contribute yourselves please pass on to as many people as possible to help spread the message and raise this much needed funding to make sure we can do our part in the great natural revolution that is unfolding for a better future! 

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