London for Peru - Emergency Relief Fund 2017

London for Peru - Emergency Relief Fund 2017

To raise funds to contribute to the humanitarian relief for the people of Peru who have been victims of the recent landslides and flooding

We did it!

On 13th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £500 with 25 supporters in 14 days

Hundreds of thousands people have been displaced, and many have lost their homes, in the recent landslides in Peru as a result of El Niño,  a phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean which causes a rise in sea temperatures in the Pacific Ocean that increases evaporation and brings about heavy rains.

These landslides are continuing right now, for example in the northern city of Piura:

Due in part to the relative silence from the mainstream media in the West, it is very easy to forget or not even realise that these disasters are happening to the people of Peru right now. We are a British-Peruvian family, and this event has moved us greatly, as we have visited and have friends and family in many of the effected places. So, Mary Ann, Jon, Camilo and Clea are making a joint family effort to crowdfund amongst our friends from all around the world, in particular from our hometown London, to help those effected and show solidarity to our other home country. 

Please help us raise funds to help those effected as best we can. We are raising funds in partnership with a fundraising team in Barranco, Lima (PE) who are helping send cargos of resources to badly effected local areas. This means what we raise will go not to bureaucracy, but straight to the people who need it the most. 

Please give whatever you can and help us reach our target of £1000 in 2 weeks- if just 50 people give £20 each, we will have reached it! However, if we exceed our target- Great! So, we urge you all to give as much as you can :) 

 We will aim to let you know where and how the money we raise together will make a positive impact of people's lives in the immediate future. 

All our love, and thank you



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