London Cushions

London Cushions

I want to begin a journey of beauty on a budget I hope you will join this journey and watch us grow and part of our growth .

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I recently began trying to do some interior decorating and really wanted to incorporate cushions of all kinds into my living room and bedrooms . I felt they could add another level of comfort , colour and style . So I began searching for cushions with covers or seperate cushions and covers on their own . To my utter amazement the prices for a single stylish cushion was over £25 . 

So as I was on a budget I decided to research and try and find alternatives which led me to every country but the UK . If I wanted cushions with covers then I had to pay a premium . So instead I ordered in bulk the cushion inners and a range of covers from all over the world and saw that I could provide cool , unique , stylish , cosey infact any type of cushion for a great price of between £7- £12 . 

I want to be able to share these great cushions with everyone , most people have cushions either on their sofa or their beds or in the conservatory . You name it we have cushions in most places or atleast we would like to have them if they weren't so expensive . So I am turning to Crowd funding to help me give a little touch of something special to everyone .