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We want to reclaim London's greatest public space - the streets - for one day to celebrate healthier, safer streets & cleaner air.

by London Car Free Day in London, England, United Kingdom

Let's transform London together!

Londoners live in one of the most overcrowded and polluted capital cities in Western Europe. Over 80% of our public space is taken up by roads, yet most Londoners don’t even own a car. Across London, 60% of households do not own a car, rising to 80% in some boroughs, such as Islington or Tower Hamlets. Yet on-street parking alone still takes up an area larger than the borough of Southwark.  As more and more Londoners go car-free, it is time to take back public space for more socially and economically productive uses. With your support, we will work with landscape architects and transport planners across the city to show what a healthier, happier and more equitable London could look like on Car Free Day.

Let's turn redundant parking & road space into new public parks, affordable housing and world-class public realm

Across London, there is huge potential for converting redundant road and parking space into new public parks, landscaped walking and cycling routes, affordable housing, commercial space, and world-class public realm for all Londoners to enjoy. Car Free Day on 22 September is a triple opportunity to: 

(1) showcase more equitable and efficient land use models; 

(2) celebrate a world-leading public transportation system and pollution-neutral mobility options; and 

(3) invite all Londoners and visitors to enjoy our exceptional city on a day free from choking traffic.

Another future is possible - join us in making it happen this year on Car Free Day

On Car Free Day in 2019, we want all Londoners to come together to show the world what traffic-free streets can look like. Imagine moving through the city on traffic-free greenways designed to move people, not cars, breathing clean air and taking time to enjoy the city. There could be new, traffic-free routes connecting our world-class parks and key transport hubs. With hundreds of Play Streets running in neighbourhoods across all 33 local authorities. We need your support to make this happen.

Let's show the world that London can lead the transition to traffic-free, healthy streets & cleaner air

Your support will help us to make Car Free Day street openings in all 33 local authorities possible by bringing together local residents, businesses, and landscape architects and designers to act on a shared goal. Over the past fourteen months, we have already engaged with thousands of Londoners on an ambitious vision of the future. Now we want to prepare to trial these plans.


Coming together to seize the opportunity

Convening the first London-wide Car Free Day will test the ability of the world’s leading urban planners, designers, artists and citizens to come together to create a future worth celebrating. A future of clean air, and safe, prosperous local high streets. London deserves this now!

We'd like you to help us by supporting Car Free Day. Whatever you can to support make the transformation happen. From £1 upwards we've got rewards for everyone and whatever the level of support, you will be a part of the history of London’s transformation into a healthy city of the future. 

Our first target is the £10,000 total. This will help us get on the road to planning permission and making this project a reality across London. From here on in we will be working on more detailed plans across the city with transport planners, architects, designers, businesses and local residents and community groups to select roads and town centres for opening up to pedestrians in each borough. 

Now is the time for action!

Join us in turning the vision for a cleaner, healthier city with open streets for people into a reality. London can inspire other cities in Europe around the world to prototype healthier, more equitable urban land use and mobility models on Car Free Day and beyond.

Your support can make this happen on World Car Free Day 22 September in London. Thank you!

The 8 pillars of Car Free Day (please see details in the full 2019 project plan here)

1. Greenways - pedestrianised routes connecting London's busiest rail and tube stations with the city centre.

2. 200 Play Streets  

3. 100 Healthy School Streets

4. Traffic-free Royal Parks 

5. Pedestrianised, cycle-friendly high streets 

6. Pedestrian-priority town centres 

7. Ciclovias 

8. Regular Car Free Days

Donations will be available once the project is live.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

London Car Free Day postcard series

A set of six different London Car Free Day postcards, depicting a series of iconic London locations transformed into pedestrianised public realm. Send them to your friends, lovers, and local councillors, asking for more regular Car Free Days across London. Postcards depict Bank Junction, Parliament Square, London Bridge, Exhibition Road, and The Strand Aldwych transformed as new green, pedestrianised public realm.

£5 or more

London Car Free Day postcard & badge

Pledge £5 or more - London Car Free Day postcard with handwritten thank you and a badge with the logo. A London Car Free Day postcard with a thank you written on the back and a Car Free Day badge.

£20 or more

The London Car Free Day Notebook

A classic notebook with a 'Routemaster' red cover specially designed for Londoners and as a gift for visitors to our city. - 192 ivory coloured pages of 80gsm lined paper - FSC certified and fountain-pen friendly - Tangerine elastic closure and marker ribbon - Large back pocket, handy for storing travel tickets and keepsakes - Dimensions: 142mm x 210mm - Debossed gold foil title - See image here: https://baizdon.com/lcfd

£30 or more

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Street greening consultation with Meristem Design

Consult with an expert team of designers on street greening opportunities at your school. From transitioning concrete playgrounds into green space and gardens to converting roads into new pedestrianised public realm, Meristem Design has ideas for making your school, a greener, cleaner and healthier place to learn and play. Consultation with your school includes support on technical documents required to actually green the street!

£100 or more

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International Car Free Day London Summit Launch

A ticket to the International Car Free Day London Summit launch event on 19th September

£120 or more

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Custom designed Play Street sign

A custom designed road sign to notify traffic when you are running a play street, produced by the Car Free Day design team. The sign reads "This Street is Open for Play" and includes graphics and a stand.

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