Londependence - London Assembly Elections

by Geoff H in London, England, United Kingdom

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Londependence wants Londoners to to be able decide our city's future. We are raising the deposit for the London Assembly elections in 2020.

by Geoff H in London, England, United Kingdom

Londependence is a new political party. We will speak up for London in London's own voice. We want Londoners to make the decisions that decide our city's future.

Our Plan

We want to contest the London Assembly elections as a first step toward becoming a political force. To do that we will need to raise a £5000 deposit. We can only do that if Londoners like you decide to make it happen. 

We are going to be focused. We only plan to contest the additional all-London seats. We will not be contesting the Constituency seats. We will not be contesting the mayoralty. We are going to put our effort where it has the best chance of success.

They will still be long odds. But breakthroughs only happen when people take slim chances. And even if we don't get the breakthrough we want, just by being in the running, by making our case, we can get seen, get heard and inject our ideas into the political discourse. This isn't 'do or die'; it is laying the foundations.

And whatever we can raise above that £5000 we will put towards our London Assembly campaign. We will spend every penny supporting our candidates to give them the best chance we can.

Our Candidates

As well as raising the money for a deposit we will need to select a list of strong, capable candidates. We want to hear from you if you think that's you. There is more information to be found about what we think makes a good candidate on our website.

We want to give everyone supporting this initiative an opportunity to have a say about who our candidates should be. We want Londependence to be a grassroots movement, not an opaque organization run by a shadowy cabal.

We don't quite know how this is going to work yet. We will provide updates here as we work out. And we would love to hear your ideas too. But you have our word that if you donate we will listen to you on candidate selection.  

Our Goals

The role of the Assembly is to hold the Mayor and Mayoral advisers accountable to Londoners by publicly examining policies and programmes. It isn't a legislature though. It won't allow us to make laws or policy. 

We want it to be. We want more powers and competencies to be vested there. Our core tenet is that the decisions that affect London should be made by London's democratic institutions and representatives. But that is not going to happen overnight. 

But we make the case for a stronger, more responsible assembly by doing well the job that exists today. The aims of building Londoners' confidence in the Assembly and in Londependence go hand in hand. 

But with a seat at the Assembly we will ensure that the Mayor answers to a party that represents London and Londoners. That's important.

Londoners should make the decisions that decide our future. If you want the chance to vote for this vision, we need your support to get it on the ballot paper. If you want to stand up for London please pledge what you can and share this page with your friends.

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