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To create a social program that would allow people to meet others more easily, especially if they are looking for a potential partner.

by lonconevent in London, England, United Kingdom

What we do?

We hold the LONCON which is an abbreviation for London Company and it is an international match making party to bring single people together.

Our target demographic is single men and women aged between 22 to 35 years old.



Why we hold LONCON?

We would like to help to solve the issue of finding a suitable partner in London.

In recent years, finding a suitable partner has become a serious issue in London.As a method to investigate the reason for this, We carried out an online survey.

The results of the survey showed that 95% of Londoners would like to get married in the future. On the other hand 51% answered that "they do not meet enough people to find their potential future spouse." 

The biggest reason for this “there are no opportunities or places to meet people.”

Because of this, we decided that we needed to come up with a social program that would allow people to meet each other more easily.

What is different from other meetings?

There are a lot of dating apps and meetup which meet specific needs in London.

But there are no opportunities to form long-term relationships like "Machikon" and "Goukon” which are very successful in Japan.

"Machikon" and "Goukon” are a type of party where single men and women come to find their potential partners easily.

These are a lot of activities which is new type party and very famous in Japan.


Why we need money?

We want raise money especially to use advertisement costs.

We would like to make this event long-lasting and well known among people of our target age in London through providing the opportunity to meet someone on regular basis.

Currently we run the event through volunteers and funded through small entrance fee.

At our first event, about 100 people attended of different nationalities such as British ,Japanese, Hongkongese, Chinese ,Spanish, Australian and French. However,  we want around 1000 people to participate our future events.

To achieve this goal, we will need to raise more awareness about the event. 

We want to utilize the power of social media, especially Facebook and Instagram advertisements, to drive up awareness.

We would like to keep the event running this way.

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