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To supply high quality care for Dogs whilst their owners are away or ill - whilst also providing respite care for Dogs that need rehoming.

by Logan’s Den in Keighley, England, United Kingdom

Dog is a mans best friend - or so the story goes...

Hi, I’m Kendra I have 5 children and 4 dogs as well as some other little furry friends so I’m sure you’ll appreciate my life is a little hectic - bits it’s never stopped me wanting to help Mans best friend. 

I’m now at a time in my life where I’d like to put owners at ease when they go away on a holiday, by providing a second to none boarding service where our K9 friends will be treat like royalty whilst there best friends are away. 

Anyone that has placed a dog in kennels will understand that the dog is not happy with the owner on their return, my partner and I think we could take some of that guilt tripping away. 

We would like to offer boarding where the dog gets plenty of play time, plenty of walkies, plenty of brushes, teeth cleaned and literally cared for as if it was in its own home! However we would also like for the owner to be able to see this care being given whilst they are other wise engaged. 

We plan to place live video feeds in each of the dog homes, so that the owners can log in and see there dogs when ever they like, not only that we are keen to keep contact with the owners whilst they are away - to that end there will be: 

2 way video 

FaceTime chats 

Video Emails and updates 

And at the end of the stay we will put a photo album together of the dogs time with us. 

Sounds fanciful we know, but!! What we hope to do with the funds we make from this is to help re-home other dogs who are no longer wanted, who may be old, whose owners may have passed away or dogs who were used as weapons or fighters - maybe retired or injured greyhounds who are no longer fit for the owners purpose. 

Simply put we would never give up on a dog, if we couldn’t re-home it then it would stay with us until it takes it’s last breath - we may only be able to take a few at a time, but it’s better than the alternative! 

So, this is where you come in! We have a vision we have the drive - what we don’t have is the funding to do it properly and believe me it’s not about us making money it’s about us making a difference. 

We would love to raise enough to buy our own premises but we are not naive enough to believe we could raise that much via this avenue - we have chosen this route as we don’t want to start a business whereby some of the work involved will be voluntary with debt, we would obviously like to pay ourselves a living wage, but if we can pay the bills, eat and look after the dogs we take in for free - then we would be happy. 

I do hope someone out there will help us, we do want to make a difference and we would do that by providing a paid service that will fund the free service. 

Let's make 'Logan’s Den' happen

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