Locus - Know Where To Go!

See where's busy tonight, what the crowd is like and receive the best offers in town, exclusively with Locus - Know Where To Go!

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The App

Locus – Know Where To Go – Available on iOS and Android

The Birth of Locus – Know Where To Go

The idea for the app came in the summer of 2015 and was inspired by a group of close friends and the many nights out we shared together, some great nights and some not so great nights. We are sure everyone reading this can empathise when we say that arranging a night with your friends can be an excruciating task. If we had a pound for every time we heard ‘Where would we go?’, ‘Will it be busy tonight?’, ‘I’ve got no money’, well, we wouldn’t be on Crowdfunder because we would all be multi millionaires.

The Function

 The ‘Locus – Know Where To Go’ application provides users with a platform where they can share pictures of their night out and note their attendance at a venue, thus creating a live stream (known as the ‘Tonight Feed’) of what’s going on in your city tonight. As a user you can see what bars and clubs look busy tonight, see who’s going where, what the crowd is like and make an informed decision of where you want to go tonight. Don’t base your decisions of where to go on out dated reviews, bad opinions or old photos, see where the best party in town is tonight with the Locus – Know Where To Go application.

 Users can share their photos, star other users photos and interact with other users via the apps messaging functionality. In order to ensure our users security, the messaging system can be turned on/off at any time in the settings page and users can block other users should they see fit.

 Perhaps the greatest function of the app is that users can change the location of their tonight feed at any time and see what other cities have to offer in way of nightlife. If you are planning a trip to a new city, use the app to see what bars and clubs are busy, what the crowd is like, what the dress code is like and even strike up a conversation with another app user to gain some local nightlife knowledge. No matter where you are in the world, with Locus – Know Where To Go, you will always have the ultimate nightlife navigator at your fingertips.

The App So Far

 The app went into development in December of 2015 and was launched across both iOS and Android platforms in May 2016. Since its initial launch, the app has received rave review from users, bars and clubs across the world. We have continued to work on the app, the website and the brand and are now looking to further enhance the app with some new innovation that we believe will revolutionise the nightlife industry.

New Innovation

 Currently, evening entertainment venues use face-to-face PR staff on city streets across the UK every evening they open. PR staff are paid on average £7 an hour or £1 for each person they get into the venue. This can vary depending on different UK areas. With our new innovation, we seek to eliminate the need for PR staff and also cut out the excessive expenditure on paper-based advertising. Our new innovation will provide an automated solution for engaging with users, promoting weekly or daily events and offers using push notifications.

 So what are we proposing?

 Our new innovation will allow partner bars and clubs to upload live flyers to the app and will provide them with a detailed report of their client base on any given night through the use of low energy Bluetooth beacons. For these services, partner bars/clubs will pay a set monthly fee (TBC).

 The flyer functionality:

  • Partner bars/clubs will receive a unique log in, providing them access to the backend via our website.
  • Promotional material (flyers) can then be uploaded via the website and will feature on the ‘Deals’ page within the app.
  • Proprietors can set the time and duration of the flyer launch and can upload up to 5 flyers a night.
  • Flyer functionality allows bars/clubs to reach an audience outwith the reaches of face-to-face PRs.
  • App users can view all of the deals uploaded to the ‘Deals’ page within the app.
  • App users can select a handful of favourite venues from which they will receive push notifications upon flyer upload.

Bluetooth Beacons:

  • Partner bars/clubs will receive a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon connected to the app.
  • This will capture generic information such as the number of users in the venue as well as age, sex and time spent within the venue.
  • Deals can be uploaded to the beacon and any app user passing by within 100 metres of the beacon will receive a notification of the offer.
  • Beacons within bars/clubs with no signal (underground, no battery) can store the data and release a report once signal is achieved.      

Funding - £10,000

As mentioned above, we are currently in the process of developing some exciting, new features that will provide huge benefit to our users. In order for us to continue with the development and make these ideas a reality we require funding. Please see the below breakdown of our costs:

App fixes/bugs - £2,000

 Flyer Functionality Build -  £5,000

 Advertising   -  £2,000

Promotional material - £1,000