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The Smart way to Locum. Maintain your compliance, control your personal information and access more opportunities with the Locum Passport.

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About the Locum Passport

Ever signed up to an agency and been blown away with the amount of information you need to gather, send and maintain? If that hasn't ever concerned you, what about needing to spend the same amount of time, if not more, to do the exact same process with every agency you join? Agencies don't like to share, but we do.

The Locum Passport is the first document manager created specifically for medical professionals (Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists for release) that centres around you. It's your very own employment passport that enables you to travel the breadth of the industry without sacrificing your personal information, time and opportunities.

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The Product

The Locum Passport, available on iOS and android,  captures your employment information, making the search for your new role effortless. Complete your passport once and have it ready to send to any potential employer in a tap of a button.Don't worry if you can't remember when you need to renew your registration or insurance, the Locum Passport will remind you, as well as, point you in the right direction to maintain your compliance.

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The Documents

Take a picture or upload a PDF of your document(s) in the app and let it guide you through the process. Upon completion, your passport contains the necessary information to attain compliance against NHS Frameworks. The best thing? YOU are still in control. Send it to a recipient of your choice or retain it for your own use, your information can be used how you see fit. 

At any time, head over to your history and see who you've sent your passport to - perfect for when you action a reminder to update your passport and need to send it to your employer or agency again. What’s more, this gives you the perfect audit log to ensure agencies you no longer work with do not retain your personal information for longer than permitted.

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The Help

New to the industry? It can seem daunting at first so that's why the Locum Passport is much a guide as a manager. Step by step, it orientates you in the right direction to get the next step of your career to a flying start. Access mandatory training, DBS checks and insurance discounts through the app, that are transferable and compliant to any Framework approved agency - meaning you don't waste hours individually completing these key areas for each employer or agency that interests you.

If you're a locuming Pro, welcome to the app you've always wanted. Save Time, Energy and money while accessing more roles, opportunities and industries with the Locum Passport.

 About Ravi - Founder of the Locum Passport.

"Hi, I'm Ravi, founder of the Locum Passport. I'm also a pharmacist and earlier this year I started locuming. Joining agencies was a strange experience at first and after a while it became time consuming and dull. I was confused as to why I had to re-enter so much information and more worryingly, what was happening with all of my data.

It became apparent very quickly, that there had to be an easier way! To my surprise there wasn't. So as any pharmacist would, I began to problem solve. Locums need a quick and easy way of making sure that they have access to the best roles, are compliant to work and are in control of their personal information. That's how the Locum Passport was born.

We've gone from just an idea to being ready to release the app in January 2018 and, in order to complete the final phase of build and testing, we've come to crowdfunder to ask you and other healthcare professionals to support us by registering your pledge today. Pledging just a penny will help us get this product to you and by making use of the rewards offered on this page, we are really proud to offer you a huge discount. 

Thanks for taking the time to consider backing us, we hope that you take us up on this opportunity to become part of the growing number of locums that depend on the Locum Passport."

*To access some features you will need to register as a Pro member.

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