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Lockdown Made Me Do It is a collaborative book project sharing the experiences, hopes and fears of the Mindful Therapies community.

by mindfultherapies in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With the extra money we will continue to support people who are struggling with the effects of lockdown. We will continue to offer online support, alongside telephone support and provide audio CDs through the post.

This book was inspired by the Covid19 pandemic of 2020. We set up a Facebook group  called Mindful Therapies Mindful Communities to help people to support one another and share their experiences of lockdown. We also delivered a range of live mindfulness classes. Every week I would post a question to the group and create a poem - or a series of poems inspired by the responses. In a short amount of time we had enough to fill a book!


The most important lesson I have learned from lockdown is don't put anything off. So when the opportunity to create a book arose I went for it. I started collecting all the poems together. 

I then started to collect 'images of lockdown.' Many of us have reconnected with nature, either through going for walks or tending their gardens. Others have relied on connections with pets or have begun new creative pursuits. 



Finally we decided to include an audio CD - featuring contributors' voices reading a selection of poems as well as a selection of guided meditations.



We have used mindfulness to help manage the scary strangeness that was the Covid19 pandemic. So it made sense to include mindfulness techniques and meditations. The project kept growing! 

Throughout lockdown we have supported people remotely, mostly online through Facebook and Zoom. We want to be able to continue to offer remote support online and extend this to the digitally excluded - offering support via telephone and providing guided meditation CDs.

All profits from sales of the book and CD will enable us to continue to support people online throughout lockdown and beyond.

Let's make 'Lockdown made me do it' happen

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