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by Skool Cornwall in St. Agnes, England, United Kingdom


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To provide free, live-streamed lessons by professional teachers to support students who might not otherwise access learning during lockdown.

by Skool Cornwall in St. Agnes, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We want to be able to provide a regular streaming service, utilising the talents of teachers of all subjects. What if we could turn Lockdown Lessons into a full time proposition?  We could continue the programme far beyond lockdown. The pandemic has shone a light on in the inequalities in our country, on the inequality inherent in the outcomes of young people. If our idea works it shouldn't just end because Lockdown is lifted. Many will simply not access education, and we want to play our part. 

Free lessons in lockdown for 11-16 year olds.

We recognise how challenging ‘Lockdown 3.0’ is making education. 

We know that lockdown is preventing young people from learning.

Parents are spinning plates: teaching their kids, working full time, and managing the strain the pandemic has placed on all of us. Some kids aren’t even accessing any education at all, and they’re slipping through the net. 

We know that many classes have been cancelled. 

We know that many simply aren't attending those that do run.


We are proposing free and interactive lockdown lessons in all subjects - that anyone can attend streamed live on Crowdfunder and on YouTube. 

We’ve been talking to other teachers, some who have retired, some who work part-time and others who aren’t on the front-line right now for many reasons: like us, they want to use their professional skills to make an immediate difference. 

The more teachers we have on board, the more we’re able to pick up the strain: supporting colleagues, students and parents.

If you're a teacher and you can spare some time - can you join us? Can you deliver the subject of your expertise to camera? Do you have some top tips that you think will be of value to your students this term? 

We're looking for great teachers to deliver on our livestream. 

Please get in touch for more information:

[email protected] 

If we can do it - you can do it too. 

What are we delivering? 

We’re starting with what we can get out there ourselves…and as we’re English teachers, you guessed it, English is our current focus. 

We will broadcast three live lessons a week (between 15 minutes and 1 hour), starting this week. 

We’ll run lessons on specific topics as well as a weekly Q&A session. We’re taking suggestions for lesson focuses from students and teachers, hoping to adapt quickly to the needs of our viewers. 

We are also available on social channels to continue answering questions about the subject for our students. 

Can you help? Can you teach? Or share this page? Or even donate to help the project grow?

Your generous donations will allow us to expand our virtual school - making more online content available from different teachers and different subjects. 

We’re all in this together: let’s show the kids that we truly believe this and won’t leave them behind. 

Thanks for looking, 

Toby and Rebecca

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