Lock and Roll

Lock and Roll

Van and tool theft is the fastest growing crime across the U.K. Over the past 5 years. I want to stop this with my new systems

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have been using my job as a joiner and the medium of social media to research how criminals have been breaking into and stealing Commercial vehicles and their contents and believe my 3 step system will prevent this completely allowing the tradesmen and women of our country to continually work without the added worry of their livelihood being ruined by thoughtless thugs.

My first step I call SideOn, This system is a replacement of the standard window glass and is replaced with toughened units that are able to take a larger impact than the regular windows these will then become a manufacturer standard issue once results have been proven.

Step two is LockDown, The most popular method of theft is peeling of the side door or prising of the rear doors. LockDown uses precision placement of strengthening tubular steel and a minimum of 8 35mm long 25mm thick rods that, when locked into position the doors and vehicle body become one unit this will completely prevent door bending. This set up will also seeming stitch the rear doors together negating the once main weakness of the vehicle.. This system will be programmable to a separate fob so that should a mimic key be used to disable the central locking, LockDown will still be active. The system will also contain anti jamming technology and be wired independent of the main loom.

The final step I call TortoiseShell. A seemingly drastic setup this system utilises the use of no less than 7 telescopic ram raid posts. These will be installed where the owner will keep their vehicle for prolonged periods be that overnight or for holidays. The position of each post will cover the front, both cab doors, any sliding doors and the rear doors. The posts will be manufactured to suit each vehicle and with the addition of suction plates the roof and side panels will be protected from cutting. Once set up the system creates a safe haven for your vehicle