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A community-run project putting local food on the takeaway menu and providing space for educational workshops and pop-up restaurants.

by thetakeawayproject in Bridport

Local Food Takeaway Project Update

Dear Crowdfunders,

We thought it was time for an update on Kitchen Collective (Local Food Takeaway Project) and an invitation for suggestions.

We inherited the Kitchen Collective vehicle as a gift (free — the crowdfunding support paid for new equipment and first year tax and insurance costs) from another local project and were advised that some changes - especially in relation to the weight it was carrying and a subsequent refit - would make the vehicle functional again. Unfortunately the vehicle itself has become financially unviable to use as a mobile catering kitchen, and spending more time fundraising to pay for expensive - and unpredictable -  mechanical costs seems unwise. Regenerating old vehicles can sometimes pay off - and we did get another year of use - but can often become financially unviable, as it has in this case. 

Though it’s disappointing to lose the use of the vehicle, we are pursuing two plans to make sure the community asset is still used and available to local chefs. We’re currently talking to different local organisations about hosting the catering vehicle as a static kitchen. If you have any ideas for spaces for the vehicle, where it might be a valuable resource, let us know. In the right position, it could be available for local chefs to offer local takeaway, cater for local organisations’ events, and even serve as a prep kitchen for local chefs.

We’ve also pulled together an event kit, with a small trailer, comprised of a gazebo, and all of the equipment we purchased with your crowdfunding support.

We have, as Kitchen Collective, even without the vehicle, been active in Bridport.

Since last September (2016), Kitchen Collective have formed the core team of the Bridport Soup and run two successful live crowdfunding events, raising £1,000 and connecting local enterprises and projects with support from local people. Our Soup pitchers have included Allington Hillbillies, Flea! Ukulele Opera, Transition Town Bridport, Community Youth Project, and Oops Wow Toddler Art Group, and many others.

We’ve also been involved at this June’s Bridport Food Festival, with two of our chefs - Teresa Perella and Niamh O’Mara - running workshops in the Children’s Tent.

We’re also currently working with the Arts Development Company and Oh Crumbs! on a summer feast, working with their kitchen staff and the local community, which will feed more than 200 people.

And we’re currently planning the third Bridport Soup for October, and will be opening applications in early September.

We’re still really keen to engage local chefs, offer food workshops, and support community organisations, so if you have any ideas, let us know via thetakeawayproject@gmail.com.


Kitchen Collective

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A ticket to forage, cook and feast with chef Chris Onions from The Old Dairy at Trill farm and chef Andy Tyrrell from River Cottage HQ. You’ll spend an afternoon in West Dorset gathering wild ingredients, learning and being part of the preparation. Then you'll relax into an evening of feasting with your new friends.

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Become a founding supporter of the Takeaway Project and enjoy a monthly takeaway for a whole year! And your name on the vehicle!

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